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The rise of socialism and Marxism

The radical aspects of Marxism, e.g. his championing of class struggles and violent revolutions, were Marx’s interpretation of history and his prediction of what was to come based on the often violent confrontations between workers and management. Finally, precisely because Marxism provided so much threat to European countries, their governments eventually conceded to workers’ demands at least partially to avoid further violent confrontations and the prospect of losing out to the socialists/Marxists. The industrial assembly line that proved to be monotonous, with each worker only performing a very small part of the work, without seeing the end result. No longer able to invest personal identity or pride in work as, say, a cobbler did in the past, who was able to sell a pair of shoes he made from top to sole to a smiling patron, hence deriving a great deal of satisfaction from his work. The heavy work load, the meager pay, the total absence of any laws regulating factories, which, like laws regulating the internet, were something quite new and before they appeared, the factories, legally, were “No man’s land,” hence it was completely up to the factory owners to decide everything, from the wage to the age of the workers. In the early stages of the Industrial Revolution, there were many workers strikes aimed at the destruction of machines, as workers viewed machines as the root of their misery. The relationship people formed with one another as a result of their relationship to the machines led to social classes, the industrial working class and the management class. Eventually the management class would be driven to wars against one another because of competition for markets, since capitalism is driven by the incessant need for new markets, and then the international industrial workers would unite, overthrow their respective countries, and usher in communism that recognized no national borders. Therefore the underdogs in one society, be they the bourgeoisie in feudalism or industrial workers in capitalism, will become the ruling class at a new social stage. To Marx, market economy was bad because it turned workers’ labor into commodities. The industrial workers, who are in the forefront of technology utilization to Marx, should assume leadership in a socialist society. One Marxist argument goes that it was in the capitalist society that human labor became a piece of commodity, which deprived people of the dignity of work. The conflict between workers and management was inevitable because of their different relationships to the machines. Marx calls workers wages the minimum wage: enough only to sustain the workers lives. In response to the popularity of socialism, many European governments developed measures to absorb workers radicalism, e.g. by developing a welfare state and popularizing universal male suffrage.

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Source: http://www.iun.edu/~hisdcl/h114_2002/marxism.htm

The Creation of Post-Capitalism

Hello my name is Leonard Mallo and i am the founder, leading visionary and creative and dynamic force behind the Global Initiative ‘The World Unification Project’. As the Federation University’s mission is to address humanity’s grand challenges the main focus of my work is to resolve the world’s major problems, restore the balance of power on the planet and establish world peace and world prosperity. I personally am very much interested in working with really great, intelligent and ambitious people on my global initiative and on other really great work. My work is designed specifically to upgrade the ‘Global Operating System’ so that it functions more effectively and efficiently in serving the seven billion people on the planet via an integration of all 195 nations into a Global Union and the upgrading of global policies. I am reaching out to world-class scholars, great intellectuals and the super ambitious in the hope that some of you will resonate with my work and will like to support it both intellectually and financially. So please contact me with your interest and please send this link to individuals, organizations, institutes, think tanks, etc… that you believe will have an interest in my work as well. Well thank you very much for your time and energy and below is a template of my work along with the links to my website and my facebook group. 3)- the Restoration of the Balance of Power on the Planet. 5)- the Upgrading of the Global Operating System and the Existence of Humanity. The “Timely” solution & advanced global political, economic & social strategy that i propose to solving many if not ALL of the worlds major problems including war, corruption, global warming, poverty, the economy… lies in what i call the “Ultimate power move,” merging the 2 most powerful governments on the planet, the EU & the US. Precipitating or more accurately quickening the “Already-in-motion” Global Unification & Integration process, toward the resolution of the world’s major problems, is the overall goal. The one VERY important caveat/requirement to having a “Fully unified & fully integrated planet” is having the “Right people” on top, unenlightened heartless half-wits will not only “Not do” but they will worsen the already f–ed up & despicable condition of humanity & planet earth & obviously that’s a no no. So those impressed with and interested in bankrolling and/or contributing in other ways to my Global Business Venture/Independent Work Project you may contact me here. Step 4- The Inclusion of the rest of the Nations into the Global Union. P.S. – A shift from the old unregulated short-term oriented “Free Market Economy” to the new regulated long-term oriented “Fair Market Economy”. P.S.S. – Pay Scale/Rate dependent on level and degree of Overall Contribution to Humanity.

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