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An Important Thinker of the 19th Century

Karl Marx was one of the most important thinkers of the 19th century. As one of the founders of Communism he predicted that workers world rebel against the owners of factories and take over the economy and the government themselves. In the 1900s Marx’s ideas influenced many Communist governments. In 1843 Marx married the daughter of a wealthy German baron. Marx tried to survive by writing articles for the New York Tribune and other newspapers. In London Marx founded the International Workingmen’s Association, a group that wanted to improve the life of the working class. During the Industrial Revolution many factory workers and miners in Germany, France and the United Kingdom did not get much money and had to live and work under bad conditions. In “Das Kapital” Marx argued that the working class produced more goods and services than they could ever use and on the other hand the owners of factories had more than they themselves produced. In the ancient world there were masters and slaves, in the Middle Ages lords and vassals, in the industrial world of the 19th century there were middle class owners and workers. People could not buy enough and factories would have to fire workers. Marx’s theories had a lot of influence in the Communist world. Slave = a person who is owned by a master and does work for him without getting paid.

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Age of Enlightenment

The Age of Enlightenment is a period in time, which coincides with the French Revolution, that people are starting to think differently than the accepted thinking. The common belief was that a government was a monarchy and everybody lived under absolute power. The Age of Enlightenment rejected these realities and substituted it with its own. The enlightenment version of a government focused around freedom, reason, and most importantly democracy. Enlightenment thinkers thought that these values would lead to and promote capitalism, rlogious freedom, and self-governing republics by democratical means. They also saw it necassary for philosophes to apply their knowledge and rationality to anything that needed to be changed. This type of thinking was exactally what the opressed people of France needed at the beginning of the revolution. These ideas came flooding in by people like John Locke and other philosophes of the time. Many of the aspects of the Age of Enlightenment also came across the ocean from America, where a democracy was set up. French troops from the American Revolution brought these ideas back with them after helping win American independence. These ideas inspired many French citizens and played an important role in the cause of the French Revolution.

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