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Conscious Capitalism: A Mechanism for Prosperity

Companies that practice conscious capitalism benefit from putting their employees first. The Container Store, REI and Joie de Vivre have shown this to be true, even as the lagging economy has pushed other companies to downsize. At The Container Store, employees are prioritized over customers and shareholders. It’s a core company principle that influences all business decisions. Full-time employees earn an average of $46,000 per year, which is 50-100% higher than the retail store average. The company’s most ambitious commitment since the economic collapse in 2008 was to retain all of its employees. To safeguard jobs, Kip froze salaries and 401(k) matches, brokered better deals with suppliers and worked with employees to help them reach their sales targets. His strategy relied on the company’s core asset-its employees-and drew on the foundation of trust between company and employee. “If you really and truly put the employee first, they’ll take care of the customer better than anybody else and ultimately the shareholders and other stakeholders benefit as well.” Sales were down just half as much compared to other housewares retailers and the company met its usual 10% profit margin. Rather than reducing pay, benefits or hours for part-time employees, the company asked all salaried staff to accept a pay freeze, or even reduction. I’ve written before about Joie de Vivre founder Chip Conley’s approach to business: Take your largest and most expensive asset, your employees, and use it to build your company.

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Buddhist ideals teach compassion in which anti-capitalism and peace go hand in hand Buddhism is not about the individual’s ego but rather a nation

Unformatted text preview: Buddhist ideals teach compassion, in which anti-capitalism and peace go hand in hand. Buddhism is not about the individual’s ego, but rather a nation of Buddhists living in harmony. The first diffusion of Buddhism into Tibet brought Tantric Buddhism from India that subdued the shamanistic and animalistic society that was Tibet with language based off of Sanskrit, law with Buddhist principles, monasteries, and civilizations. King Trisong Detson founded the first Buddhist Monastery, Samye, and put Buddhist strongholds on the silk road routes, furthering the dissemination and spread of Buddhism in Tibet. The second diffusion of Buddhism into Tibet systemized the philosophy and tantric practices of Buddhism through the four new schools of thought. The first diffusion of Buddhism into Japan is similar to that of Tibet. The people were afraid that bringing Buddhism into Japan would offend or anger their indigenous gods. When a plague broke out, Buddhism was charged with angering the Gods. This directly ties to the first diffusion of Buddhism into Tibet when King Trisong Detson invited tantric practitioner Padmasambhava to dispel “Demonic forces” that were stopping Buddhism from Buddhism Final Exam spreading throughout Tibet. These demonic forces were in fact the indigenous religions opposed to Buddhism. Buddhism takes what is known to society, opposes it, and defeats it in both Tibet and Japan. Buddhism helps to modernize society…. View Full Document.

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Compassion International Blog

We enjoy the benefits of imperialism and the poverty, whether we want to ‘accept’ this truth or not. We Do, and the truth is, we, our former generations, have been more than happy, in moral superiority, to support politicians and capitalists, who prop up despots, who prop up and maintain through military and police terror, to keep the infrastructures, through petro dollars and free trade, that Cause poverty. We should be Appalled, there Was a time, in the west, where Christians, were socialists, where Christians, fought the class structure of both slavery and imperialism,. Today, its ho hum, lets just give a little, and feel ‘good’ about our offerings. Ever think, of changing anythingto rid the world of poverty, and What? Put those ‘savages’ equal with us! Oh my, couldn’t do that could we,. No, we Can’t rid the world of poverty or injustice we need to do more than just offer a band aid,. I do know this, there is NO EXCUSE, for us, in any way, even accepting, poverty,. No, I do not agree, that we don’t have a responsibility, to end poverty,. Same with us, doesn’t matter, if we can end poverty or not, what Does matter, is that we lay down our lives. We can’t even, take care of the poor homeless women with children in THIS country, but oh we are so good and noble in demanding no abortion and no birth control and controlling sexuality,. To see a band of Christian men in this nation, march for Child Support. And will Never, stop fighting, to end capitalism and injustice and poverty, even if,.

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Source: https://blog.compassion.com/why-we-cant-end-poverty

Capitalism at End of Road

They are the best gifts that God Almighty has granted to human beings. 5 and justice, and this is the greatest hope and opportunity in all ages and generations. Without belief in God and commitment to the cause of justice and fight against injustice and discrimination, the world architect would not get right. The same feature which seeks for justice, piety, love, knowledge, awareness and all other high values. These human values should be supported, and each and every fellow humans should be given the opportunity to acquire them. These are common elements which connect all human communities and constitute the basis of peace, security and friendship. 7 The divine religions pay attention to all aspects of human life, including obedience to God, morality, justice, fighting oppression, and endeavor to establish just and good governance. Prophet Abraham called for Oneness of God against Nimrod, as Prophet Moses did the same against Pharaohs and the Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad did against the oppressors of their own time. Waiting with patience for the rule of goodness and the governance of the Best which is a universal human notion and which is a source of nations’ hope for the betterment of the world. They will come to put an end to war and aggression and present the entire knowledge as well as spirituality and friendship to the whole world. The bright future for the mankind will come. Long live love and spirituality; long live peace and security; long live justice and freedom.

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