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Intercession- Changing Atmosphere- Wayne C. Anderson

Compassionate Capitalism: How Corporations Can Make Doing Good an Integral Part of Doing Well: Amazon.co.uk: Marc Benioff, Karen Southwick, Alan G. Hassenfeld: 9781564147141: Books

Here is what the Economist has to say:An unusually persuasive advocate of the view that CSR-or “Compassionate capitalism”, as he calls it-benefits shareholders, employees and the needy all at once is Marc Benioff, boss of salesforce.com, a private company that provides online customer-relationship-management services. In a new book, co-written with Karen Southwick, Mr Benioff argues that corporate philanthropy, done right, transforms the culture of the firm concerned*. “Employees seeking greater levels of fulfilment in their own lives will have to look no further than their workplace.” As well as doing the right thing, the firm will attract and retain better people, and they will work more productively. Mr Benioff advocates “The 1% solution”: 1% of salesforce.com’s equity, 1% of its profits and 1% of its employees’ paid hours are devoted to philanthropy, with workers volunteering their time either to company-run schemes or to charitable activities at their own initiative. His book describes similar projects at many other firms, always underlining their win-win character. Unlike some advocates of CSR, Mr Benioff says he opposes government mandates to undertake such activities. Compulsion would neutralise the gains for corporate culture, he points out. In any case, if Mr Benioff is right, and CSR done wisely helps businesses succeed, compulsion should not be needed. Companies like salesforce.com and the others discussed in his book will thrive, and the model will catch on by force of example.

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Source: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Compassionate-Capitalism-Corporations-Doing-Integral/dp/1564147142

The Karen Rands Interview

As many of you know, I write novels and a few weeks ago I did an email promotion with an author services company to get the word out about my first mystery Uncorking a Murder. You’d think that writing a book is the hardest part of being an author, but that’s actually the fun part. For me, marketing and getting the word out are really the most challenging aspects of being a writer – and this is coming from someone who has worked in marketing professionally for over two decades! Even when you are published through one of the big publishing houses, the weight of marketing for most authors is on our shoulders. Karen Rands is the founder and CEO of Kugarand Capital Holdings. She’s also the author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing. Karen’s new book is geared towards teaching potential angel investors the ins and outs of growing their wealth through what she calls Compassionate Capitalism. Compassion isn’t something you ever hear alongside capitalism. Karen bridges the divide between the terms by redefining compassion, which she believes is formed from the idea that entrepreneurs have passions for their ideas and build companies around them. In Compassionate Capitalism, we have an environment where money makers enable others to bring innovation to the market and, by doing so, create jobs and wealth for all involved. When investors use their money and talents as compassionate capitalists, it’s Karen’s belief that they will feel an emotional abundance existing alongside the wealth they’ve created.

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Source: http://vertigopartners.com/the-karen-rands-interview/

Compassionate Capitalism, the Workplace, and Social Capital

While compassionate capitalism may seem like a contradictory statement, examples of this practice suggest the power of this model. In this chapter, we review key components of capitalism and compassion. We explore governmental intervention through the Great Depression, the New Deal programs initiated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Milton S. Hershey’s groundbreaking business philosophy that was beneficial to the company and to his employees. We then look at the present-day examples of business models that do not sacrifice the community and environment for profit, provide examples of companies that are implementing these models, discuss the business case for doing this, discuss new regulatory support for the concept of compassionate capitalism, and explore how companies are rated by their employees and the community on their “Giving back” practices. KeywordsCompassionate capitalism Corporate social responsibility Corporate citizenship Job satisfaction Best or great places to work Benefit corporations Strategic corporate philanthropy Employee engagement.

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Source: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-33264-2_7

Audio Book – Compassionate Capitalism

What is the Christian view on this subject? What economic system does God want us to have? This book is a look into history to see where and how capitalism was born and developed through the centuries. What you will learn is how capitalism first developed as God worked among the Hebrew people in Old Testament times. The resulting economic principles then transformed Western society as they spread with Christianity. What remains is for us to apply the principles with compassion. HOW TO SAVE YOUR FILE: After purchasing, you will receive a download link. If you click on this link, your computer will likely automatically start to play the audio file. Or, after the file starts to play, choose FILE, SAVE AS and that should work as well. You may have to play with the options a bit as they vary from browser to browser.

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Source: http://worldcastministries.com/audio-books/audio-book-compassionate-capitalism/

Audio Books

What is the Christian view on this subject? What economic system does God want us to have? Thi…. Audio Book – Hell: Gods Justice, Gods Mercy. The traditional view of hell tells us that wicked people will suffer forever and forever. A Fresh Look at the Nature of Humanity for the 21st Century Reformation: It is time for Christians to come out of darkness…. Audio Book – Thy Kingdom Come. The gospel Jesus and His disciples preached is not what we preach today. Here it is – a biblically-based, optimistic view of the future. Challenging the traditional Western view of God, Harold R. Eberle presents God as a Covernant-maker, Lover and Father.

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Source: http://worldcastministries.com/audio-books/

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