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Evangelists of capitalism: Is compassion compatible?

My rejoinder to the idea of “Compassionate Capitalism” as articulated in the following article by Infosys Founder Narayanamurthy. Smart sound bytes -‘compassionate capitalism’as I understand is yet another word coined by the capitalists to justify their assets and illgotton wealth-at the same time to project themselves as saviors of the down trodden. To give themselves an acceptance and a social absolution now they parade themselves as saviors of the downtrodden. Is it not a paradox that the poorest countries of the world have the richest of the world. I am trying to decode this ‘compassionate captialism. Does that quieten the conscience of the capitalists or does it give them a benelovence and a social standing as the doers of good-the great social workers. If you are truely a compassionate person you will not be a capitalist. Now we have the capitalists garbing themselves as evangelists and the hungry people will swallow anything-no wonder they are kept in hunger for then there is no power to discern-no strength even to comprehend-the gullible people look with awe at these great compassionate captialists/evangelists and go into a trance. How long are we going to fool the people and ourselves. How long are we going to quieten our consciences and how long are we going to display hell as heaven The sooner we discard this mirage and shed the mask and be truthful to uphold justice then only Justice will remain and the rest will fall.

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J.R.’s Zaphne Blog News for 02-04-2018 – JR Test Site

What is compassionate capitalism? who advocated it? The whole “Creative capitalism” concept has a certain echo of “Compassionate conservatism,” which wound up being the worst of both worlds. Can Gates-style “Creative capitalism” avoid the same trap? You will find this book packed full of stories in support of capitalism and how to be a capitalist that makes a difference in the world. Epub book] compassionate capitalism marc r benioff Compassionate Capitalism Marc R Benioff PD F searching for compassionate capitalism marc r benioff epub book do you really need this respository of compassionate capitalism marc r benioff epub book it takes me 52 hours just to find the right download link, and another 7 hours to validate it. In 2010, the name of this organization was officially changed to Conscious Capitalism Incorporated – a non-profit with a purpose of advancing the integration of consciousness and capitalism. In 2009, Raj Sisodia and Shubhro Sen founded the Conscious Capitalism Institute to support the integration of Conscious Capitalism in business through research, education and development. Edward Ortiz Jr., in his Jan. 12 Letter responding to “Liberty Theology”, has the nature of capitalism backward. We believe in compassionate capitalism and by shopping here you will support that causeand allow you to look good doing it. Why Pope Francis wants us to stop worshipping capitalism.

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There Is No Housing Shortage, Just a Lack of Compassion – Zone of Non-being

On any given night, more than half a million people experience homelessness in the United States. There are more peopleless homes than homeless people because houses do not exist to satisfy human needs. Anyone who is vaguely familiar with America’s inner cities has borne witness to people holding cardboard signs and begging for spare change. Consider the fact that between 2011 and 2014, the number of cities that banned panhandling increased by 25%. It is evident that people who beg for money are demonized as ‘public nuisances’ and blemishes on the body politic. Specifically, municipalities are investing in defensive architecture: street furniture that is rigged with spikes or bars to prevent prolonged stays by people who are homeless. Image: vertical bars installed on bench to prevent people from laying down. A common idea is that people who are homeless and beg for money deserve to suffer because they are substance abusers. Detoxification programs often advance the idea that “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection.” From this perspective, addiction is a consequence of dehumanization – a turning inward and away from people. Keep in mind that people who are homeless are typically ignored at their darkest hour. Not only are such individuals in a precarious position, but the masses of people fail to acknowledge as such.

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The Compassionate Capitalist

A few weeks ago I had this tremendous idea; I would add my voice to the Internet ether by launching a blog. Thanks to WordPress, I was able to quickly and easily create and publish this blog and I rifled off a three or four posts within a couple of days. With even more ease than the creation phase, I promptly stopped posting. I’m sure I broke one the fundamental law of blogging – start, then promptly stop. Well, life got in the road. Specifically, a trip to Costa Rica on business and a weekend get-a-way with my wife to San Diego. I drafted several posts along the way, but never finished them off. I’m working on an update to my previous post regarding child slavery in Western Africa associated with cocoa harvesting. I’m preparing a series of posts that introduce 10 economic concepts that one should understand if one is to make sense of the World along with 10 economic fallacies that roll off the lips of politicians and those who don’t really understand how things work. Along the way, Corbyn, our brilliant and talented son, who is an economics major at the University of Utah is going to make a guest post arguing for the normalization of trade with Cuba. Sign-up to follow this blog and every there is a post, you’ll receive an e-mail letting you know that I’ve found my way back to the keyboard.

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