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September 23, 2016 – Compassion Church of Charlotte

The reality is that Satan no longer even needs to knock on our doors to lure our children into a life-threatening situation – he can walk through walls by way of the internet and capture our children. These crimps, these pedophiles, the kidnappers invest a lot of time into our children because they have a lot to win. Often children are posted on their websites for sale. The may make 10, 20, or 30,000 dollars just selling our children to someone who keeps them locked up, torturing them for years. Satan reaches his long tentacles into our homes and transfixes our children to pull them out of the safety and comfort of our homes and inflict his evil on them. 3) The FBI may ask you, but even if they don’t, file a report with The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. We must ask our children and their friends to tell an adult if they think a teen is on-line with someone they don’t know or someone who seems questionable. We have to teach our children that they are not dumb or untrustworthy but just inexperienced and it is up to a parent to protect our children but more importantly, to teach them the ways of the world. These pedophiles are very wise about ways to trap our children. Let us work diligently not to allow Satan to devour our children or any other children that we know.

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Why price-gouging is OK – The Case For Capitalism

High prices for purple widgets encourage buyers to reduce consumption of purple widgets, while also encouraging sellers to somehow increase the supply of purple widgets. It’s just the normal interaction of buyers, sellers, and prices in the economy. Higher prices in the crisis area allow sellers to either make a higher-than-normal profit or avoid losing money if the cost of supplying the crisis area spikes up. Either way, high prices encourage a greater supply of needed goods. In short, “Price gouging” helps ensure that everyone in a crisis area is better able to get the supplies they need. The $10 price-gouging price allows Beatrice to buy the water because it encouraged Paul to supply the water, and it kept Ashley from buying it. Now, imagine the same scenario, except an anti-price-gouging law forces Paul to sell water for the normal price of $1. In this case, Paul would probably not bother making the long drive to the crisis area because it’s not worth his time and effort. No doubt many people dislike price-gouging because they feel compassion for people in crisis areas who are faced with high prices. Allow businesses the freedom to supply water at normal or elevated prices. Allow profiteering entrepreneurs the freedom to supply water at price-gouging prices.

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Source: https://caseforcapitalism.wordpress.com/…/07/why-price-gouging-is-ok

a socialist, ideological conservative, and compassionate conservative…

An ideological conservative joined the conversation. Derik is a “Classic liberal” conservative. His point of view is likely in good company amongst Tea Partiers, neo-cons, neo-liberals, and ideological conservatives. John, is a “Republican” conservative, and he prefers moderate Republicans and the Average Joe. Whereas Derik understands that the future / freedom depends on capitalistic entrepreneurs-and protecting them; John understands that the future / freedom depends on entrepreneurs who will engage in worthwhile and efficacious activity. To pigeonhole these two: Derik sees the future as small, limited government amidst a multitude of for-profit industries. John sees the future as strong, local government amidst a multitude of competing for-profit and non-profit organizations / associations. Today, as you know, it’s much more likely that Derik will be elected in a “Safe” Republican district. Whereas John will focus on public policy for the Average Joe, like higher education reform; Derik’s followers will label John a RINO. If the election were held today, Derik would be elected over John. See the debate here-and question why Derik would almost always win in the early 21st century in a Republican U.S. Congressional District over John.

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Compassionate Capitalism Is Possible Through Effective Corporate Philanthropy

Charitable giving is no longer just something you do around the holidays. With Millennials valuing socially focused companies more than ever, success is virtually unattainable if you aren’t giving back. In 2014, corporate giving was only at $18.45 billion compared to the $265 billion from individual donations. According to Suzanne DiBianca, the Chief Philanthropy Officer at Salesforce and keynote speaker at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, it’s because, simply put, companies need money. DiBianca pioneered a philanthropic model that will hopefully usher in a new era of corporate giving. “The real assets in a company are the people that work there, the products that they have, and their ability to advocate for change in policy,” said DiBianca in her keynote speech at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. As DiBianca puts it, charitable giving is about more than reaching your target audience. Giving back is something that benefits the entire community, helping to build an ecosystem that can support everyone from any background. The most important takeaway from DiBianca’s speech was that the future of business is philanthropic. Get on board with the giving back movement or your business will be left behind.

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Source: https://tech.co/compassionate-capitalism-philanthropy-2017-03/amp

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