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Life Over Profits And Compassion Over Capitalism

Being vegan means you are a non-combatant in the war for Animal Rights. You aren’t doing the animals any harm, but you aren’t helping, either. If you want to help animals you need to something more than just not having them killed to order. If you aren’t vegan, you are working for the enemies of animals. If you wish to join us on the side of animals, you need to first recognize what this war is about, who are our enemies, and who are our allies. Greed is the biggest factor in animal cruelty and animal exploitation. It creates demand for animal products, drives consumption of animal flesh, makes animal cruelty profitable, and bribes governments to pass laws favorable to continued animal exploitation. If capitalism is the engine of animal cruelty, religion is the fuel. The Abrahamic religions all rely on the barbaric Old Testament teachings of human dominion over animals. To end the Animal Holocaust we must bring down the governments which allow the horrors and debunk the ridiculous religions which justify those horrors. We will not likely win Animal Rights in our lifetimes, or even in our grandchildren’s lifetimes. If Animal Rights are to be won at all, they must come under a society which values life over profits and compassion over capitalism.

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Capitalism VS Human Compassion

Capitalism can survive as long as there is no greed. Almost daily we read about some bank, investment broker or some con-artist scamming people out of millions of dollars. We expect banks to raise fees, we expect to lose money in our 401k, we expect to pay high interest rates on credit cards,,,,. The companies were more interested in protecting their money, then the health and safety of the employees. Look at all of the people that were conned into signing flexible mortgage rates. Get the people to sign the flexible mortgage, then hike the rates up so high the family can not pay, the bank gets the home, rinse, repeat,,,,. I think capitalism can work, but not while unbridled greed is involved. The US government established free trade with China, now we get to reap higher taxes to pay for more people on welfare. Companies looking for low wage workers sends our jobs overseas, the US economy slowly goes into a recession. I feel there is a line in the sand that capitalism should not cross. Company ABC makes widgets; highest paid employee makes $30 million a year, the lowest paid sub-contractor of a sub-contractor should make $1 million a year, give or take a few bucks. Post your comments in this forum thread about Human Compassion VS Capitalism.

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This is Compassionate Calvinism – I Am Aaron Shafovaloff

Every man has built for himself a house of mind, and holds dear the belongings which he possesses within. The foundation beneath his house-where his beloved affections, worship, treasures of joy, and sources of value and acceptance are-sustains all that which he loves in the framework of his thinking. The house is built in glory to his master, either Satan, or the God of Jacob. To the glory of God, Christians characteristically live and think. For some, this means drinking wine in thanksgiving for God’s blessings. For some, this means exercising compassion on the poor by means of supporting socialism. For others, the working of God in a person to will and to act according to His purpose. To question God’s sovereignty over our wills is rebellion. To stubbornly refuse to believe God’s word when He so explicitly describes His determining, defining, irresistible will is downright sin. To zero-in on the crux of what it means to be godly: worshipping God and loving your neighbor. This is compassionate Calvinism: not to obliterate a man’s house of mind and leave it unsupported, but rather to gently, gradually, lovingly supply a better foundation. It is to inspire acts of unseen love and obedience and prayer, all to the glory of God.

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Source: https://aaronshaf.wordpress.com/…/09/this-is-compassionate-calvinism

To Go from “Good to Great,” Be Endearing

The term firm of endearment is a metaphor for businesses that follow the model of stakeholder relationship management, in which employees, customers, suppliers and the community-in addition to shareholders-are regarded as true stakeholders in a business. To support companies in becoming conscious businesses Sisodia partnered with the consulting firm Axialent, which serves as the training arm of the firms of endearment process. Starting with a culture assessment, Axialent helps companies understand where they stand against each of the four pillars of conscious capitalism. From this, Axialent identifies the ‘gap’ between a company’s current state and full potential, and then supports this growth through leadership training, cultural shift and system creation. In the simplest form, the organization tackles complex business challenges by focusing on human issues. When we sync business to personal values, we find our objectives to be shared and well meaning: compassion for one another, generosity toward others, stewardship of our backyards, integrity and respect. Acting from these values, a company produces positive social change of a kind that far surpasses CSR or Secretary’s Day.

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Source: http://causecapitalism.com/firms-of-endearment

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