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Who Likes Beer ? – Jo Abbess

As if focusing all our efforts and energy on repairing an already-breaking machine of trade with its destructive exploitation of resources and labour is going to stop climate change. The Holy Economy can go hang if we don’t address Climate Change, and it will, because Climate Change is already sucking the lifeblood out of production and trade. The non-governmental organisations – the charities, aid and development agencies and the like, do not know how to deal with climate change. Well, they can, and they do, and you better watch out for more poor, starving African type campaigning, because programmes for adaptation to climate change are important, and I’ve never said they’re not, but they don’t address mitigation – the preventing of climate change. People are talking in hushed, reverential tones about Make Climate History. 

Now, they’re doing it again with climate change. A truly independent strongly critical movement centred around the Campaign against Climate Change organised a demonstration of protest every year in London, leading people either from or to the American Embassy, as the USA was the most recalcitrant on taking action to control greenhouse gas emissions. They organised events sometimes on the very same day as the Campaign against Climate Change, and their inclusive hippy message was all lovehearts and flowers and we wouldn’t hurt a fly type calls for change. In the run up to the Copenhagen Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Kyoto Protocol in late 2009, all the NGOs were pushing for energy to be concentrated on its outcome, but nobody who joined in the vigils, the pilgrimages or the marches had any chance to make a real input. With climate change, the relationships that count are between the governments and the energy industry. 

Look, I’ve done my share of climate change actions. Given half a chance, most of the British people would vote for climate – a decent, hardworking, sunshine-and-rain and rather moderate climate – and none of this extremist storms, floods and droughts scenario we’ve been suffering recently. 

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Captain Capitalism

Not a threat necessarily, but a delusional man who would hunt down security guards on campus and use them as free late night therapists. Despite his dishonest intentions, most guards didn’t mind his company in that it gave us something to do, especially during summer evenings when the campus itself was abandoned and absolutely no action was going on. They and their administrative bloat staff need physical college campuses to continue on otherwise they would have to get real jobs in the real world. Reserve Assistant Vice Adjutant Deputy Diversity Officers would have to sling coffee instead of receive their welfare in the form of make-work-unnecessary-government jobs. I will delve into why colleges need to be eliminated in a later article. 

For now I want to use the obsolescence of American colleges to highlight a hypocrisy which should make even the most leftist leftists call into question their integrity, veracity, and practicality. I’m no environmentalist, but there are roughly 21 million college students in the US today. Some of these college campuses have over 50,000 students and are veritable large cities. Professors, college administrators, and students are FULLY aware it would be cheaper and much better for the environment to replace physical colleges with digital ones. They know that one GOOD professor can teach millions of students for pennies on the dollar online compared to the thousands of professors and the tens of thousands of college admin staff that is needed to run these now-pointless, unnecessary physical institutions. 

If online colleges were ever to establish a beachhead, they would be forced to do what use real world, real adult, hard working Americans do every day – work a real job. If only there were accredited online colleges that offered worthwhile degrees for a fraction of the cost and greenhouse gas emissions…. Oh wait. 

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Other Rackets

The case can be made to nearly entirely eliminate the life insurance industry. In a telling beginning to the industry and a comment on insurance in general, the company refused to pay the widow and children of Gybbons and insisted that a year consisted of twelve months of four weeks each, making Gybbons’s unfortunate death a few days outside of the policy period. There are arguments that the change was necessary if the industry was going to survive, but instead of creating a safety net for the masses, life insurance became a tremendous scam. In the 1994 Consumer Reports Life Insurance Handbook, the state of the life insurance industry was summarized. The life insurance industry was able to get away with it, with many greased government palms along the way. 

The life insurance industry largely does not deserve to exist, except the rationale of capitalism and making people rich off of the idea. Life insurance is also the only industry I know of where somebody succeeded in fighting its corruption and impacting their racket: enter A. L. Williams. His father died when he was young, and the life insurance proceeds did support the family long, and Williams eventually took on the industry, selling term insurance with part-time agents selling from their homes. 

The life insurance industry banded together and fought his company in a number of states. An odd thing about the issue is this: let’s say that the life insurance industry was dealt a crushing blow by an epidemic disease or a meteor hitting New York City. The taxpayers are in effect insuring the life insurance industry anyway. For years, I was skeptical that the food industry would turn into a monopolistic/oligopolistic industry, as energy, medicine and other large industries had, because there were so many small farms and growing food is the world’s most widespread industry. 

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