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Compassionate Capitalism With David Meltzer

Social welfare: Between capitalism & Islam – The Muslimah Diaries

Zakiah A. Welfare in Britain has had a long and tumultuous journey; from parishes and poorhouses to a pension for over 70s, the social care system has taken many forms. Over the years the service has grown to include housing, Jobseeker’s Allowance, disability allowance, child benefits and other various pockets of social welfare depending on local councils and their own allocation of funds. Britain’s social services have never enjoyed the spotlight as much as they do now, and with sensationalized articles telling us how badly our benefits system is being abused with alarming regularity, it’s no wonder. The single mother with more children than she can afford; the lay-about with no job; the drug-addict spending their monthly allowance on a single high; the immigrant using their benefits cheques to build a villa in their home country, are but a few well-recognised stereotypes of the people using and abusing the UK social welfare system – and the reason why cuts to this sector should be justified. 

In the 7thcentury there were so few people who needed benefits that the national treasury had no one to give money to. People paid 2.5% of their income towards taxation and were advised to make use of their assets or risk having them repossessed by the state. So though it was not private villas and paradise for everyone across the board, a system was in place to ensure people’s basic needs were being met. The Islam economic system bans hoarding of wealth and has policies, which prevent certain monopolies in order to actively encourage circulation and distribution of wealth. Caring for the less fortunate and donating wealth to charity is also lauded as a positive thing with immeasurable benefits in a future life and a sense of responsibility to help others insteadof fearing a loss of their own wealth by doing so. 

These few regulations barely scratch the surface of the depth of the economic system Islam advocates. It is already clear that unlike capitalism, Islam views people are not just workhorses or consumers who should be responsible for their own success or downfall but members of a society who should be looking out for their collective well-being. No matter which silver-tongued politician/too-tanned buffoon/down-to-earth rebel is head of the government, you cannot escape the truth of the system; the rules of the game are set. 

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Larsen: The U.S. can’t fund compassion if it has no money

When the math itself comes into question, we are left to partisan interpretations – and that creates a polarizing situation. Such is the case in an exchange between a liberal Nobel Prize-winning economist and two respected conservative policy analysts. There is one mathematical projection earning consensus from the likes of PolitiFact, the Heritage Foundation, Business Insider, U.S. News and the Weekly Standard: Entitlement spending is out of control, and within the next 20 years, the three major entitlements – Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – along with interest on the national debt, will consume 100 percent of all tax revenue. That fact demands that we move beyond politicized interpretation and get to real solutions, because if entitlements and debt consume all tax revenue, our stability and compassion as a nation are at risk. 

It’s been five decades since President Lyndon Johnson launched the War on Poverty. After $25 trillion spent on programs, the U.S. poverty rate has not changed much, and our nation is still home to about 43 million people living in poverty. Both parties already concede we might rethink how we assist the poor, and there are indications that welfare reforms have worked. Second would be a walk in the shoes of the other side: If liberals really care about ending poverty – and I believe they do – they should be the most steadfast of budget hawks, ensuring not one dime that could help the poor be lost to fraud and growing bureaucracy. 

They should acknowledge that poverty ends – really ends – only when people become self-sufficient. Unless we return to the notion of welfare as temporary, there will be nothing left for those who are truly in need of long-term assistance. Third, majority conservatives should demonstrate compassion by ending corporate welfare, balancing the budget, privatizing functions better left to the private sector and updating the tax code in a meaningful way. Brookings Institute research shows that poverty is complex, with at least five major contributing causes: work rates, wages, family composition, education and immigration. 

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John Hawkins’ Right Wing News

Liberals view themselves as good people because they’re liberals. 1) Only liberals would be cruel enough to pick on kids running lemonade stands with a permit, children putting on Christmas plays at school and the Boy Scouts. 4) Liberals are actually bothered by people who do love America. 8) Liberals believe in taking money from people who earn it, handing it out as bribes in order to get more power and then using that power to hurt the people that are giving them money. 10) Liberals view hooking people on welfare and food stamps as a core part of their election strategy, which is terrible for the country, shows they have no character and requires more than a little hatred for poor people. 11) The dumbest, most close-minded and mean spirited people in all of politics are inevitably liberals who are convinced they’re brilliant, open-minded and compassionate because they call themselves liberals. 12) A policy that makes liberals feel superior and caring that doesn’t work and wastes billions is considered a smashing success because they genuinely DON’T CARE WHETHER THEIR POLICIES ACTUALLY HELP PEOPLE OR NOT. 13) The same liberal who pretends to be angry about Susan Smith or Casey Anthony will then turn around and give the thumbs up to women who do the same thing to their children via abortion. It’s because the kid’s parents are interested in educating him while his liberal teachers view public schools as just another way to indoctrinate children. Down the road, after liberals finally join everyone else, they try to claim that conservatives still support all the practices that we fought liberals on from the beginning. 19) Liberals think black Americans are inferior to whites, which is why the worst, most crime-ridden places to live in America are inevitably run by liberals. That’s acceptable to liberals because they don’t think black Americans deserve any better. 20) A liberal is more likely to support a man who murders a cop like Mumia Abu Jamal than cops who want to regularly patrol a bad neighborhood in force to keep the criminals from terrorizing the innocent people who live there. 

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Source: http://rightwingnews.com/john-hawkins/25-reasons-to-dislike-liberals

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