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Article about Global capitalism by The Free Dictionary

Although many large companies have globalized for decades, the Web, more than any other phenomenon, has enabled the smallest company to have a global presence. Globalization A mulifaceted process in which the world is becoming more and more interconnected and communication is becoming instanteneous. Aspects of this process include: the transformation of the spatial arrangement and organization of social relations involving ‘action at a distance’, a stretching of social relations and transactions, including instantaneous communications across time-space;. The increasing extensity, intensity, velocity and impact of global social relations and transactions;. The creation of new networks and nodes – the ‘network society’ – associated with the new levels of dependence on knowledge/ information and ‘expert systems – the ‘information’ or ‘knowledge society’ – as well as the new risks associated with this – RISK SOCIETY;. 

A dialect between the global and the local in which the outcome is not a simple triumph of the centre over the periphery, mere Americanization’, or suchlike. ‘hyperglobalizers’ for whom global marketization is the main driver;. ‘S ceptics’, who play down the level and distinctiveness of the change;. ‘transformationalists’, including GIDDENS, for whom globalization is a distinctive new phase such that societies and states across the globe are experiencing profound social as well as economic changes – a ‘massive shake-out’ of social relations, economies, governance and politics – as they seek to adapt to an increasingly interconnected but also unpredictable and uncertain world. 

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Source: https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Global+capitalism

Compassion, Privilege, and Spiritual Practice

Ram Dass showered us with love from his own open heart, and we melted into it. Spending time with satsang only deepened the love, and much of the magic occurred during the free time between sessions. All of us, I’m sure, sincerely hope that our time in love together will help us to be a little softer, a little more caring, and a little more present and loving in our daily lives. It is important to be in touch with our own inner well of compassion, presence and love. The inequality gap is so wide that I fear that the love, compassion, and kindness gained from spiritual practices by privileged Americans like me might be disproportionately benefiting other privileged people. 

Inevitably this means sharing love with other people like me who live a life of privilege. Love that is shared only with the privileged is not the deepest love. If we are to truly love everyone, as the great spiritual traditions implore, then a deep pain must inevitably arise from the realization that we are complicit in the world’s suffering. I want to hold both grief and love in my being at the same time. I want to honor the way spiritual practices and retreats have shaped my life, the way that they have allowed me to hold this seeming paradox, while also acknowledging that the reason I have been able to engage in them has largely been because of my privilege. 

If I’m sitting in a hot tub in the tropics while dissolving into love, then I also want to be smacked with the pangs of grief. Its a calling to rest in an even deeper truth and a more expansive love. 

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Source: https://sitaramdass.com/2016/05/18/compassion-privilege-and…

Commentary: Slavery alive and well in U.S.

Americans spend months at a time at sea fishing for crab or drilling for oil; two of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Americans clean bathrooms, subway stations and crime scenes. Americans man toll booths, pave roads, embalm bodies and inspect sewers. How capitalism does NOT work is when we collectively look the other way as companies exploit illegal labor for their own benefit. The unspoken truth is that these businesses don’t hire illegal aliens because they can’t find American workers, they hire illegal aliens because they don’t want American workers. 

Illegal aliens mean no workers’ comp claims, no age, race or sex discrimination lawsuits, no healthcare premiums, no unions, and no demands for raises, vacations or bigger offices. Illegal immigrants are the perfect employees because they’re not employees at all; they’re corporate slaves. Many Americans believe that cracking down on the businesses that hire illegal aliens would hurt these hardworking people too much. In Southampton officials found immigrants living in sheds with no plumbing or heat. The problem with the debate over illegal immigration right now is that special interests have been successful in making us think with our hearts instead of our brains. 

If you really want to be compassionate, then help immigrants get jobs here the right way. Help put crippling fines on the employers who knowingly hire illegal workers, help expand and simplify the visa process, and, most importantly, help get people to start thinking with their brains again. 

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Source: http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/05/28/beck.immigrantworkers/index.html

Religion, capitalism and compassion « Truth on the Market

I’ve been traveling for a lot of that time in Israel. Given my recent travels to the Holy Land I thought it might be appropriate for my first post on returning be about religion. The villain, in Felten’s summary is capitalism. According to Armstrong, capitalism drives people to greed and self-seeking from which they need to be rescued by religion. Felten notes that Milton Friedman sees capitalism as embodying something like Christianity’s golden rule that we should allow others to do what we want to do. 

Those nasty old capitalists, with their vigor, risk-taking, animal spirits and reptilian brains, have created so much wealth for so many societies over so many centuries-and have raised the standard of living for so many people who would otherwise live in grinding poverty-that their efforts, easily considered merely selfish, begin to look downright compassionate. I would add that compassion is not only a product of capitalism but at its core. Business is about helping others to express themselves by buying things. Businesspeople sacrifice their souls to make our lives happier by making products or providing jobs that enrich our leisure or give us more of it. While religions preach brotherly love, they seem to create a lot of enmity with their claims of exclusive paths to God. 

Capitalists’ pursuit of gains from trade makes friends out of would-be enemies. Maybe she’d be better off, instead of rejecting capitalism, using it to sell compassion to people as they exist today. 

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Source: https://truthonthemarket.com/…/28/religion-capitalism-and-compassion

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