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Amway Founders Heritage & Values: What is Amway doing?

Class Struggle 125, June-August, 2018

We need workers control of as the class struggle intensifies the state’s ability production based on workers councils to contain opposition peacefully within the and the socialisation under workers framework of parliament is strained. That could only prolong its life at the expense of the lives of the world’s workers and poor farmers, 5 Class Struggle #125 June-August – 2018. We call on the as they can deceive the U.S. masses they do not international working class to rise to the defense care that the world knows the U.S. has no more of the Palestinian people, of the Syrian people and interest in Middle East peace than its pet monsters the working masses of the Middle East. 

Salute the workers of South Africa who are leading The worsening economic situation as a result of the the way in the regional struggles against slow international recovery and stagnating prices imperialism both western and eastern and inspiring of minerals and other natural resources has workers in other countries to take independent and affected the working class and the poor mostly. This is but a dismissals of workers without any benefits and without clear class struggle that must be fought in terms of the following even the basic requirements of bourgeoisie class means and not through reformist and legalistic labour rules guiding retrenchments and dismissals. The necessary to reverse the losses suffered by the workers management went on to use the memoranda as well as since 2016.To sustain the strike and the sit in working the complicity of the union to isolate workers and class solidarity is paramount. It is clear that for workers to live and Mayday as a ritual ‘celebration’ and make it a call 18 Class Struggle #125 June-August – 2018. For this to of Brazil and Latin America is the independent happen workers have to be militantly organised and political struggle of the working class against the armed with a revolutionary strategy and program. 

Organized spontaneous direct actions at the airports against the Muslim Ban and against torture Bourgeois talking heads won’t tell you the real committed at San Francisco Airport by Homeland effects of a 10% drop of stock market prices in the Security, and the spread from state to state of U.S. These losses have taken place post tax cut, teachers strikes and a growing resurgence in class i.e. THIS YEAR. They take place while investment struggle organizing and strike action by nurses and lags and almost all economists say corporations are airline workers as we march on May Day. The rights of the mid-west labor to the workers struggles in the Middle East and movement which used class struggle methods to everywhere in the fight for world socialist build the Teamsters and the CIO are mostly history revolution, not abandoning them to their own now, ignored by labor officialdom and contained brutal comprador bourgeoisie. 

Defeat the ruling class and fight for socialism, we Trump’s presidency really is only sustained at this have to defeat the fake leaders of the working class point by public relations. The fight clearer all the time that Democrats are not for working class political independence leads interested in impeaching Trump this year, talking through the formation of rank and file class increasingly that they will not seek to impeach him struggle committees in the unions challenging to next year, while many echo the former FBI chief bring class struggle methods back. 

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Profit-Donation Capitalism

As consumers re-direct their purchasing power away from products sold by these conventional corporations and toward products sold by Profit-Donating Businesses, the rich earn less revenue to finance their lobbying. PDC calls upon individuals and philanthropic public service organizations to create a vast network of tens of thousands of Profit-Donating Businesses that sell products, and donate 100 percent of their profit to important causes. Successful Profit-Donating Businesses like the ones listed here already exist, demonstrating the viability of this profit-donating business model. We as shoppers choose the same-price, same-quality products sold by Profit-Donating Businesses over those offered by conventional companies so that 100 percent of the profit from what we buy can fund the charities and causes we care about. We would especially value the opportunity to support these causes at no personal cost by simply buying from Profit-Donating Business the products we would ordinarily buy from conventional businesses, while paying the same price for same-quality products. 

While Profit-Donation Capitalism can as the Profit-Donating Businesses listed on this site demonstrate, develop and grow naturally and independently, a centralized organizational leadership can more quickly spearhead the establishment of an extensive global network of thousands of these Profit-Donating Businesses. Because of their philanthropic purpose, and because their selling point of donating all of their profit is a relatively new concept within fields like economics, marketing, advertising, and not-for-profit management, Profit-Donating Businesses can arrange to have the research conducted cost-free by the marketing departments of colleges and universities throughout the world. The university’s marketing department can then conduct the Profit-Donating Businesses’s market research in exchange for some of the Profit-Donating Business’s profit being donated to the education center. To ensure the greatest success of Profit-Donation Capitalism and of individual Profit-Donating Businesses extensive collaboration among existing and prospective Profit-Donating Businesses is a wiser strategy. The media now covers new Profit-Donating Businesses who periodically introduce new products. 

A simultaneous introduction of as many new Profit-Donating Businesses selling new products to benefit one or more popular causes and charities will attract the broadest media coverage; an invaluable asset to all Profit-Donating Businesses. Initially, Profit-Donating Businesses should refrain from competing in markets against other Profit-Donating Businesses. 

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