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Homelessness and Capitalism: Some Untold Truths

According to the survey in the 2018 Point-in-Time Count of homeless people in San Diego County, the four main reasons for becoming homeless are: Loss of Job; Money Issues; Cost of Housing, and Other. While not necessarily deliberate, the debasing of homeless people benefits a system that is threatened by people who, voluntarily or not, opt out of it. People who end up homeless whether or not it is their fault, are used as examples of the dreadfulness of the condition. People who would never think of getting involved in politics or activism, suddenly become NIMBY zealots when it comes to keeping homeless people out of their community. That’s how repulsive homeless people have become. 

It’s impossible to cook a meal on the street and healthy prepared food is expensive, so most homeless people rely on the high carb and fat meals distributed by good Samaritans and faith-based services. Because faith-based organizations often fill the void left by the lack of political will to help homeless people, it is not uncommon for homeless people to submit to religious proselytization for access to food and shelter. NIMBY people, still safely housed with their granite kitchen counter-tops, wall-size TVs and three-car garages packed with junk, will use that same religiosity to expound that their success is the result of their own hard work. NIMBY people smugly report the unwanted presence of poor folks in fast food joints, public restrooms, parks and parked cars. People must enthusiastically participate in a system rigged against them, or face the ultimate degradation of having absolutely nowhere to be. 

Housed people think that homeless people are suffering the consequences of poor choices. The truth is that wealthy people make poor choices too. 

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Brownsville Herald

Homeowners insurance is a practical investment to help protect you, your family and your property in the event of unforeseen and unexpected losses. Traditionally, it’s associated with fire damage, burst or leaking pipes, or stolen property, but occasionally it covers unusual events that make for sensational news stories and viral videos. Here are four claims homeowners never thought would happen to them. Bear B&B. Bears are notoriously curious and intelligent creatures that also have an acute sense of smell. 

A bear can easily get through the screen of an open window or manipulate a lever-like door handle to enter your home and cause significant damage. If it had hit your home homeowners insurance would’ve covered it. Your homeowners insurance will cover the entire house, not just the contents inside, if it is stolen. Golf is a leisurely pastime enjoyed by millions in the U.S. It involves strolling across greens and riding in golf carts, so its slow pace may seem low-risk, but it can actually be quite dangerous. 

According to an article in Golf Digest magazine, nearly 40,000 golfers are admitted to emergency rooms annually after being injured while playing, most by errant golf balls and flying club heads. Recreational golfers can also cause a lot of damage to personal property. If you live on a golf course, your house has probably been hit many times by errant shots – breaking windows, damaging roofs and leaving divots in exterior walls. Mercury recommends reviewing your homeowners insurance policy annually with your local insurance agent to ensure that you’re adequately covered for any unforeseen losses, both unusual and ordinary. 

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Winston Churchill BRILLIANTLY Compares Capitalism & Socialism

43% of today’s millennials have a favorable view of socialism – making it more favored than capitalism. Millennials Don’t Know What Socialism Is. The definition of socialism is government ownership of the means of production-in other words, true socialism requires that government run the businesses. A CBS/New York Times survey found that only 16 percent of millennials could accurately define socialism, while 30 percent of Americans over 30 could. Those most concerned about socialism are those best able to explain it. 

The margin of support for capitalism over socialism is only +10 points, but the margin for a government-managed economy over a free-market system is +32 points. It was clear that Soviet socialism was at odds with the American-style free enterprise system. Thus, free-market economists probably had an easier time convincing Americans that American capitalism was far preferable to Soviet socialism. Perhaps the most important reason millennials are less concerned about socialism is that they associate socialism with Scandinavia, not the Soviet Union. Countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway offer a far more generous social safety net with much higher taxes. 

Unlike the USSR, this modern version of this quasi-socialism has also learned to defer its costs, effectively consuming the future to make things materially more comfortable for those in the present. Previous generations debated and history ultimately revealed that free market capitalism does more good for people than Soviet socialism. The generational divide is real, and while millennials are correct about many things, this is one area in which they should listen to their elders. 

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