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Don’t be so hard on yourself! Study on first-year student stress

Researchers from the faculty of education’s school of kinesiology found students who reported higher levels of self-compassion felt more energetic, alive and optimistic during their first semester of university. When the students’ sense of self-compassion levels rose, so too did their engagement and motivation with life. The study was part of Gunnell’s PhD work at UBC. Self-compassion interventions can involve exercises to avoid negative self-judgment or feelings of inadequacy. One example involves writing self-compassionately about a negative experience. 

Self-compassion emphasizes self-kindness, which means to not be overly critical of oneself; common humanity, which means to recognize failure is universal; and mindfulness, which means being present and calm in the moment. Crocker said his research group has previously shown that self-compassion interventions lower self-criticism and negative ruminations in high performance female athletes. The researchers said their findings highlight the potential for colleges and universities to enhance self-compassion for first-year students through the development of workshops or campaigns. Explore further: Self-compassion helps to cope with symptoms of menopause. More information: Katie E. 

Gunnell et al, Don’t be so hard on yourself! Changes in self-compassion during the first year of university are associated with changes in well-being, Personality and Individual Differences. 

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Source: https://phys.org/news/2017-01-dont-hard-first-year-student-stress.html

7 Reasons Why You’ll Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life

Because you did what everyone else did; you studied what they studied and read what they read. Because you learned what you had to learn in order to pass their tests and you think that makes you smart. Because you think learning is only something people do in schools. Because while you were away at college, I was studying life; because instead of learning about the world in a classroom I went out and learned it by living. Because smart is not what you learn, it’s how you live. 4 :: Because You Don’t Read. 

Because you read the things you are required to read or nothing at all. Because you are probably not reading this article even though you know you should. Because the people that are reading this already know these things. Because while you’re busy playing Candy Crush, or Megalopolis, I am reading about string theory and quantum mechanics. Because you don’t understand the power of properly placed questioning in life, respectful disagreements and standing up for what you know to be right in the face of someone telling you otherwise. 

Because you refuse to admit that you don’t even know the things you don’t know. Because even if I told you everything could be different tomorrow you would wait until then to begin doing anything about it. Finally able to understand your lack of understanding, and then you would see; then you would know that the only thing holding you back from doing something truly amazing, is you. 

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Source: https://raymmar.com/7-reasons-youll-never-do-anything-amazing-life

How we care for Googlers

Your family matters to you, so they’re important to us, too. Many of our benefit programs and onsite amenities are aimed at supporting you and your loved ones through life’s various stages-we offer generous parental leave policies, retirement savings plans, death benefits, and much more. In some of our offices, you can even bring your canine family members to work! All Googlers have access to excellent healthcare choices. In some locations, we also offer onsite wellness and healthcare services, including physicians, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage services. 

Many of our offices are equipped with on-site fitness centers and classes to save you time and keep you fit. Our wide assortment of on campus cafes and micro kitchens provide nutritious meals and snacks to keep you healthfully energized throughout the day. We match Googlers’ charitable donations and add donations for hours Googlers work as volunteers. We all need time away from work to recharge, travel, take care of personal stuff, or spend time with family and friends. From our highly-rated retirement savings matches to financial advisors and planning services, we offer many resources to help keep you financially fit. 

That’s why we offer extensive opportunities for personal and professional development. Whether it’s onsite coding or cooking classes, degree programs, or the guitar lessons you’ve been meaning to take, we’ll support you in doing what you love. 

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Source: https://careers.google.com/how-we-care-for-googlers

Animal or Human Compassion

America is a rich nation with seemingly limitless compassion, partially evidenced by our $5 trillion failed effort to eliminate poverty and dependence. After 30 years of failure, we might start asking some questions about the nature of our compassion toward the poor. Compassion toward animals includes making sure the animal has adequate food and water, medical attention when needed, suitable shelter and a toy or two for entertainment. That compassion must be extended to the animal’s offspring. Animal compassion bears none of the hardships and complexities of human compassion. 

Behavior that’s compassionate toward humans may qualify as cruelty to animals. If you were to supply a human with a week’s supply of food, and he ate it in a day, letting him do without for the remainder of the week would be a good lesson as well as just desserts for his lack of foresight. Expecting an animal to defer gratification, plan for the future, and bear the burden of unwise decisions is cruelty. Today’s welfare debate should focus on our pretense of human compassion. Human compassion towards the poor cannot be engineered in Washington; it’s even doubtful at the state level. 

After all forcing people to bear the burden of unwise decisions is part of the lesson not to make unwise decisions. The most important component of human compassion is forcing, demanding and helping people to learn they can be better than animals. 

Keywords: [“compassion”,”animal”,”human”]
Source: http://capitalismmagazine.com/1996/02/animal-or-human-compassion

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