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Dr. Gabor Maté – Compassionate Inquiry

Homelessness and Capitalism: Some Untold Truths

According to the survey in the 2018 Point-in-Time Count of homeless people in San Diego County, the four main reasons for becoming homeless are: Loss of Job; Money Issues; Cost of Housing, and Other. While not necessarily deliberate, the debasing of homeless people benefits a system that is threatened by people who, voluntarily or not, opt out of it. People who end up homeless whether or not it is their fault, are used as examples of the dreadfulness of the condition. People who would never think of getting involved in politics or activism, suddenly become NIMBY zealots when it comes to keeping homeless people out of their community. That’s how repulsive homeless people have become. 

It’s impossible to cook a meal on the street and healthy prepared food is expensive, so most homeless people rely on the high carb and fat meals distributed by good Samaritans and faith-based services. Because faith-based organizations often fill the void left by the lack of political will to help homeless people, it is not uncommon for homeless people to submit to religious proselytization for access to food and shelter. NIMBY people, still safely housed with their granite kitchen counter-tops, wall-size TVs and three-car garages packed with junk, will use that same religiosity to expound that their success is the result of their own hard work. NIMBY people smugly report the unwanted presence of poor folks in fast food joints, public restrooms, parks and parked cars. People must enthusiastically participate in a system rigged against them, or face the ultimate degradation of having absolutely nowhere to be. 

Housed people think that homeless people are suffering the consequences of poor choices. The truth is that wealthy people make poor choices too. 

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Brownsville Herald

Homeowners insurance is a practical investment to help protect you, your family and your property in the event of unforeseen and unexpected losses. Traditionally, it’s associated with fire damage, burst or leaking pipes, or stolen property, but occasionally it covers unusual events that make for sensational news stories and viral videos. Here are four claims homeowners never thought would happen to them. Bear B&B. Bears are notoriously curious and intelligent creatures that also have an acute sense of smell. 

A bear can easily get through the screen of an open window or manipulate a lever-like door handle to enter your home and cause significant damage. If it had hit your home homeowners insurance would’ve covered it. Your homeowners insurance will cover the entire house, not just the contents inside, if it is stolen. Golf is a leisurely pastime enjoyed by millions in the U.S. It involves strolling across greens and riding in golf carts, so its slow pace may seem low-risk, but it can actually be quite dangerous. 

According to an article in Golf Digest magazine, nearly 40,000 golfers are admitted to emergency rooms annually after being injured while playing, most by errant golf balls and flying club heads. Recreational golfers can also cause a lot of damage to personal property. If you live on a golf course, your house has probably been hit many times by errant shots – breaking windows, damaging roofs and leaving divots in exterior walls. Mercury recommends reviewing your homeowners insurance policy annually with your local insurance agent to ensure that you’re adequately covered for any unforeseen losses, both unusual and ordinary. 

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Winston Churchill BRILLIANTLY Compares Capitalism & Socialism

43% of today’s millennials have a favorable view of socialism – making it more favored than capitalism. Millennials Don’t Know What Socialism Is. The definition of socialism is government ownership of the means of production-in other words, true socialism requires that government run the businesses. A CBS/New York Times survey found that only 16 percent of millennials could accurately define socialism, while 30 percent of Americans over 30 could. Those most concerned about socialism are those best able to explain it. 

The margin of support for capitalism over socialism is only +10 points, but the margin for a government-managed economy over a free-market system is +32 points. It was clear that Soviet socialism was at odds with the American-style free enterprise system. Thus, free-market economists probably had an easier time convincing Americans that American capitalism was far preferable to Soviet socialism. Perhaps the most important reason millennials are less concerned about socialism is that they associate socialism with Scandinavia, not the Soviet Union. Countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway offer a far more generous social safety net with much higher taxes. 

Unlike the USSR, this modern version of this quasi-socialism has also learned to defer its costs, effectively consuming the future to make things materially more comfortable for those in the present. Previous generations debated and history ultimately revealed that free market capitalism does more good for people than Soviet socialism. The generational divide is real, and while millennials are correct about many things, this is one area in which they should listen to their elders. 

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Compassionate Capitalism a historical and biblical perspective

This conglomerate is compromised of 25 booming companies fully registered in the United Kingdom. These are social Enterprise companies that aim at making available basic services to the most disadvantaged communities in and around the globe begining with Uganda with head offiçe at Kitintale, Kampala. The compassionate Capitalism philosophy used by development channel is relatively new to Africa and Uganda in particular. Simply put, it’s where you get paid for making a purchase. Starting with Uganda as the base in Africa, Charles Lambert, the founder of this organisation and chairman of foreign investors in Uganda, has stimulated the local population by opening up the opportunity to become a shareholder in this conglomerate through a one time risk free investment. 

How this works:Through the one time purchase of the amazingly unique NoDropout iPad,at only 1,008,000Ugx, you get two after-sale benefits freely from the company. This opportunity is opened up to a limited number of individuals. Besides being a shareholder, members will be opened up to various services offered by each individual company within the conglomerate. Students will have the opportunity to earn an income after accomplishing tasks which will be sent to them on the app being designed and unique to Development Channel. There are also teacher programs, single parent services, travel services and opportunities, startup capital financing with no collateral, house construction services just to mention but a few. 

Development channel is also going to be among the largest employers in Uganda by making available 5000 jobs in the call center being established in Bukoto, Uganda. Hurry to take up this risk free investment opportunity and earn a consistent monthly income while the opportunity lasts. 

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Source: https://mspsteem.com/uganda/@menorah/compassionate-capitalism

Education and Capitalism

Schooling in the twenty-first century United States is not the product mainly of educational philosophies and resources-together with whatever imagination and initiative that teachers, students, parents, and communities can bring to bear. Instead, it is dominated by the changing demands of capitalist society for an increasingly stratified and regimented workforce. In the first article in this section, John Bellamy Foster analyzes the political economy of education in capitalist society; the relation of this to the evolution of U.S. schools from the early twentieth century on; and the current corporate reform movement aimed at the restructuring and privatization of education-symbolized by the Bush No Child Left Behind and the Obama Race to the Top programs. Today’s conservative movement for the reform of public education in the United States, and in much of the world, is based on the prevailing view that public education is in a state of emergency and in need of restructuring due to its own internal failures. 

In contrast, I shall argue that the decay of public education is mainly a product of externally imposed contradictions that are inherent to schooling in capitalist society, heightened in our time by conditions of economic stagnation in the mature capitalist economies, and by the effects of the conservative reform movement itself. The corporate-driven onslaught on students, teachers, and public schools-symbolized in the United States by George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind legislation-is to be explained not so much by the failure of the schools themselves, but by the growing failures of the capitalist system, which now sees the privatization of public education as central to addressing its larger malaise. 

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Source: https://monthlyreview.org/features/education-and-capitalism

Fierce Compassion: The Role of Spiritual Intelligence in Conscious Capitalism – Conscious Capitalism

Her stomach wrenched with anxiety, Wigglesworth asked the supervisor if she could put him on hold to get rid of another call-a fiction designed to allow her a pause for a few deep breaths. The Conscious Capitalist leaders describe spiritual intelligence as a moral intelligence that gives people the ability to distinguish right from wrong. One of the key benefits of SQ is that it brings about a perspective shift because people who develop it reduce their dependence on ego. Wigglesworth said she came up with the term spiritual intelligence after reading Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence and then finding that there had yet to be any comparable work in the spiritual intelligence field. She set out to demonstrate it was a legitimate trait, developing an assessment and writing a book called SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence. 

She is now the president and founder of Deep Change Inc., a company that helps individuals and organizations develop and access their multiple intelligences. Spiritual intelligence is not about converting anyone to any system of belief-it’s about recognizing the innate human need to be connected with the people and world around us. Someone with a blend of IQ, EQ and SQ will be better positioned to lead consciously, as Wigglesworth learned the hard way. At one staff meeting called to address college recruiting, Wigglesworth wasted no time offering her ideas. Her first performance reviews noted her intelligence, but suggested she work on her interpersonal skills. 

As a result, not only was she receiving promotions she’d earlier believed she’d deserved, she realized she was leading and people were choosing to follow. You can find her book SQ21: The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence on Amazon. 

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Three Dimensional Coaching

Capitalism, socialism and dysability – Simon Stevens’ Viewpoint

I am always been interested in whether people with impairments were better off under capitalism or socialism. These systems replaced feudalism, where productivity was measured in terms of output of families where people with impairments could make some contribution without being seen as defective. The question is how did each idealogical system deal with people with impairments as defective people. Under capitalism, people would have to fend for themselves. People with impairments had the freedom to try to find work that suited them or in large family situations, they were looked after by their family. 

Those who profited from capitalism often set up charities, to help them get into heaven, which looked after people with impairments, often in a residential setting. How the socialist state deals with people with impairments they regard as defective is solely dependent on the moral appetite of the regime. Corbyn’s proposal within an era where people with impairments, which is technically most people, wish to self-define themselves as defective, is to keep them at home on a minimum income with minimum support, encouraging assisted suicide or mercy killings as a way out. In the reality of 2018 in the UK, we have a mixed economy, somewhere between capitalism and socialism. People with impairments enjoy the support provided by a state-controlled health and social care system, with the freedom to be enterprising under a mostly free market system. 

I believe it is this balance that has enabled the slow meaningful inclusion of people with impairments into society as the idea that people with impairments are naturally defective is being challenged. If I had to choose to live under poor capitalism or poor socialism, it would have to be capitalism because I would have a fighting chance to have some control over my life as oppose to simply being locked away by the state. 

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Source: https://dysability.blog/2018/06/24/capitalism-socialism-and-dysability

Unilever’s New Model of Capitalism

Citizens of the world are less and less supportive of capitalism solely based on maximizing short-term profits. More and more companies are acknowledging their obligation to all the participants in their business, from the shareholders, to the employees, to the communities they operate in. Unilever is one such company, realizing and owning their need to contribute to the societal welfare and environmental impact for the countries it operates in. They want to propose a new model of capitalism that focuses on the long term, in which companies try to solve social and environmental problems and give equal importance to the needs of communities, as well as their shareholders. Unilever has over 400 brands worldwide under its umbrella, ranging from foods to household cleaners, including Lipton, Knorr, Dove, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; sold in almost every country, with two billion people using a Unilever product every day. 

Unilever developed the brand Lifebuoy with a marketing strategy based on campaigns to educate mothers and children to adopt this simple gesture. It has a triple advantage – the consumer is healthier, the company sees a decline in health care costs for its employees, and Unilever benefits from increased sales of soap. Unilever’s greatest impact is within the agricultural sector. Worldwide, the company purchases 12% of the world’s black tea, 3% of the tomatoes, and 3% of the palm oil. Unilever is connected with more than one million small farmers alone. 

They are able to work directly with the farmers to improve their productivity through a partnership with local and international organizations, expand their distribution efficiency, and train them in new techniques. Oxfam estimates the number of small-businesses that Unilever touches is more than half a billion, and improving their lives and businesses is an effective way to reduce poverty. 

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Source: https://borgenproject.org/unilevers-new-model-of-capitalism

Understanding the anxious mind

Extrapolating from a study he had completed on toddlers,he suspected that the most edgy infants were more likely to grow up to be inhibited,shy and anxious. Kagan went on to find many more such children,and watched a big chunk of them run into trouble with anxiety or other problems as they grew up. AGE OF ANXIETY. The tenuousness of modern life can make anyone feel overwrought. Now,with thousands losing jobs and homes,futures threatened by everything from diminishing retirement funds to global warming – it often feels as if ours is the Age of Anxiety. 

Psychologists have put the assumptions about innate temperament on firmer footing,and they have also demonstrated that some of us,like Baby 19,are born anxious – or,more accurately,born predisposed to be anxious. With slight variations,they all have reached similar conclusions: that babies differ according to inborn temperament; that 15 to 20 per cent of them will react strongly to novel people or situations; and that strongly reactive babies are more likely to grow up to be anxious. WHAT IS ANXIETY. Anxiety is not fear,exactly,because fear is focused on something right in front of you,a real and objective danger. When the fear starts to interfere with functioning,worrying turns into a clinical anxiety disorder,of which there are several forms: panic,social anxiety,phobia,obsessive-compulsive,post-traumatic stress and a catch-all called generalised anxiety disorder. 

Taken together,they make anxiety the most common mental illness. COPING WITH ANXIETY. Having all the earmarks of anxiety in the brain does not always translate into a subjective experience of anxiety. In the modern world,the anxious temperament does offer certain benefits: caution,introspection,the capacity to work alone. An anxious temperament might serve a more exalted function too. 

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basic capitalism

War -Ayn Rand Lexicon

Wars are the second greatest evil that human societies can perpetrate. By the nature of its basic principles and interests, it is the only system fundamentally opposed to war. Men who are free to produce, have no incentive to loot; they have nothing to gain from war and a great deal to lose. Economically, wars cost money; in a free economy, where wealth is privately owned, the costs of war come out of the income of private citizens-there is no overblown public treasury to hide that fact-and a citizen cannot hope to recoup his own financial losses by winning the war. Let those who are actually concerned with peace observe that capitalism gave mankind the longest period of peace in history-a period during which there were no wars involving the entire civilized world-from the end of the Napoleonic wars in 1815 to the outbreak of World War I in 1914. 

World War I was started by monarchist Germany and Czarist Russia, who dragged in their freer allies. World War II was started by the alliance of Nazi Germany with Soviet Russia and their joint attack on Poland. Observe that in World War II, both Germany and Russia seized and dismantled entire factories in conquered countries, to ship them home-while the freest of the mixed economies, the semi-capitalistic United States, sent billions worth of lend-lease equipment, including entire factories, to its allies. If men want to oppose war, it is statism that they must oppose. Capitalism wins and holds its markets by free competition, at home and abroad. 

A market conquered by war can be of value only to those advocates of a mixed economy who seek to close it to international competition, impose restrictive regulations, and thus acquire special privileges by force. If nuclear weapons are a dreadful threat and mankind cannot afford war any longer, then mankind cannot afford statism any longer. Let all those who are actually concerned with peace-those who do love man and do care about his survival-realize that if war is ever to be outlawed, it is the use of force that has to be outlawed. 

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Source: http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/war.html

Whole Foods CEO believes capitalism has higher purpose

At its core, and true to Mackey’s ability to avoid those hard-and-fast labels, the book out this week delivers a pointed critique on how capitalism can lead business astray if its practice isn’t grounded in a sound ethical foundation. For much of American industrial history, Mackey said, free-market capitalism was underpinned by a sense of Judeo-Christian values. That ethical underpinning has eroded as American society has grown increasingly secular, Mackey said. As humanity has evolved, their argument goes, so also must business evolve to integrate the needs of all the stakeholders. When vendors argued that Whole Foods didn’t put them on equal terms with customers and employees, for example, the company added suppliers to its list of core stakeholders. 

When animal rights activists picketed the company’s annual meeting in 2003, Mackey was initially offended by their accusations. After meeting with them and studying the issue, he wrote, he overhauled Whole Foods’ animal welfare standards and became a vegan. Those who have followed Whole Foods know that Mackey has drawn his fair share of critics in recent years, including government regulators who investigated him after he posted online messages about the company online under a pseudonym. Ultimately, it’s that notion of a constantly evolving and progressing consciousness that lies at the heart of both Mackey’s ardent support for – and his concerns about the direction of – free-market capitalism today. Once, underpinned by an ethics of compassion and care, capitalism created more value for humanity than any other political or economic framework in history, he said. 

As business rediscovers a higher sense of purpose – one that seeks to create value for employees, suppliers, investors and customers alike – it can create value for all stakeholders, he said. Because humanity is more conscious today than ever before, he argued, business has the capacity integrate a new, necessary ethical foundation on which capitalism can thrive and benefit humanity as a whole. 

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Source: http://triblive.com/business/headlines/3315374-74/mackey-capitalism-foods

Theodor Adorno and “Negative Dialectics”

IDENTITY Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno wrote their critique of the culture of Western civilization, Dialectic of Enlightenment during the Second World War. Perhaps it took the magisterial pessimism of Theodor Adorno in Negative Dialectics to articulate the true extent of the Fall of humanity outside the bounds of the Enlightenment. In order to do so, Adorno continued his critique of philosophy, a critique that went beyond the abstract realm of thought and grappled with the implications of the refusal to remember the past so prevalent in West Germany. Later Jean-François Lyotard would use deconstruction married to Adorno to discuss the Holocaust in terms of what he called the differend and the forced silence of those who were outside the dialectic. Like Benjamin who insisted on examining an object in its historical particularity, Adorno asserted that the danger of identity thinking could be averted through Negative Dialectics, which assesses relations among things according to the criteria the object had of itself. 

Adorno took up the Dialectic in order to negate the presumed progression from one term to the other. Most importantly, Adorno has eliminated the linear teleology of the Dialectic and once the possibility of progressive movement is negated within the constellation, the point of origin-Nothingness-is eliminated. As a Holocaust survivor, Adorno was profoundly suspicious of the universal. In an abstract way that is also concrete and psychological, it is important for Adorno that one recognizes not just that which as been refused but also to come to terms with one’s guilt for having turned away from the contradictions within the dialectic. Adorno insisted upon critical thinking, which was a moral imperative. 

Adorno had recurring dreams of being sent to the gas chambers and found himself not just a Survivor but also an alien in his own homeland. In his parting thoughts, Adorno wrote these famous lines,. 

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Source: https://arthistoryunstuffed.com/theodor-adorno-and-negative-dialectics

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Salesforce’s Integrated Philanthropy Model – Forbes 400 Summit | Forbes

Albert Einstein Quotes: Famous Quotations on Religion, Science, War, Peace, Education, Morality, Philosophy of Physics

Introduction A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. Modern anthropology has taught us, through comparative investigation of so-called primitive cultures, that the social behaviour of human beings may differ greatly, depending upon prevailing cultural patterns and the types of organisation which predominate in society. If we ask ourselves how the structure of society and the cultural attitude of man should be changed in order to make human life as satisfying as possible, we should constantly be conscious of the fact that there are certain conditions which we are unable to modify. 

My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibility has always contrasted oddly with my pronounced lack of need for direct contact with other human beings and human communities. A leader of his people, unsupported by any outward authority: a politician whose success rests not upon craft nor the mastery of technical devices, but simply on the convincing power of his personality; a victorious fighter who always scorned the use of force; a man of wisdom and humility, armed with resolve and inflexible consistency, who had devoted all his strength to the uplifting of his people and the betterment of their lot; a man who had confronted the brutality of Europe with the dignity of the simple human being, and thus at all times risen superior. The development of mechanical methods of warfare is such that human life will become intolerable if people do not discover before long a way of preventing war. These are old sayings, coined by men for whom human personality has the highest human value. Albert Einstein: Quotes on Morality & Human Rights What the individual can do is to give a fine example, and to have the courage to uphold ethical values. 

In talking about human rights today, we are referring primarily to the following demands: protection of the individual against arbitrary infringement by other individuals or by the government; the right to work and to adequate earnings from work; freedom of discussion and teaching; adequate participation of the individual in the formation of his government. We are listed as one of the top philosophy sites on the Internet and have a wonderful collection of knowledge from the greatest minds in human history, so people will appreciate your contributions. 

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Source: http://www.spaceandmotion.com/Albert-Einstein-Quotes.htm


Within each of these communities from Mongolia to Mogadishu to Managua to Minnesota, human beings experience compassion for others, relieving pain and suffering for their families, for their neighbors, for their communities. In a Compassionate Community, the needs of all the inhabitants of that community are recognized and met, the well-being of the entire community is a priority, and all people and living things are treated with respect. Although the early work of the Charter was focused on building a network of cities, it soon became evident that communities both larger and smaller than cities wanted to join the global movement in which compassion is at the heart of a community’s activities. No single community in the world is a Compassionate Community in any abstract or formal sense, just as no community is devoid of compassion. Any individual, group, or organization that recognizes the need for greater compassion in a community is encouraged to begin the process for creating a Compassionate Community. 

The cities and communities that sign on to become Compassionate Cities and Communities have often begun their work by identifying the issues that are troubling the community and need to be addressed through compassionate action. Others may decide to work to provide empowerment to youth or to educate their communities about the need for compassion in addressing environmental issues. The Campaign for Compassionate Communities has produced viable results that can be attributed to the Charter for Compassion. In cities and communities around the globe, those involved in Compassion initiatives have worked on community service, anti-bullying, homelessness, healthcare, restorative justice and education efforts. The Charter’s Community Tool Box presented in this section of the website is a way to offer more help to cities, regions, communities and other organizations as they seek to fully develop as compassionate entities. 01.To energize, broaden and deepen the compassionate communities network with active outreach to existing and prospective members. 03.To link community partners and their work and needs in one place in the world with partners in another area of the world that can help each with their efforts to bring compassion to their communities. 

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Source: https://charterforcompassion.org/communities

The best of times, the worst of times

Actually, no – providing you think of achieving such a world as an endeavor over time. As a professional facilitator and a citizen activist, I’ve worked with thousands of people around the world – in business, civil society, communities and governments – to foster cooperative action among adversaries to help them recognize the value of working collectively to resolve issues for their respective and mutual benefit. While cooperation is not synonymous with compassion, it is an integral element of advancing compassion because it requires meaningful, lengthy communication among people who might otherwise never interact. The first affirms the concept of relay versus sprint in effecting social change; the second asserts the importance of individual effort – one person can make a difference; the third is a sobering reminder that when we’re not working for the light, we’re allowing the dark; and the fourth brings me to Compassionate Capitalism, also known as Conscious Capitalism. Fostering conscious, compassionate capitalism has been a substantial part of my work in the business arena through my company, beCause Global Consulting. 

His book Stirring it Up: How to Make Money and Save the World shows the value of his business model. Roberta Laing, General Counsel of Whole Foods Markets and trustee of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., a company that promotes and facilitates Conscious Leadership in business and other areas based on having full integration of a higher purpose, compassionate culture, and conscious leadership. A global movement of individuals and groups is working creatively and diligently to foster compassion in every area of human life and endeavor. Dr. James Doty, a widely noted clinical professor of neurosurgery and founding director of Stanford University Medical School’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. 

There are myriad companies, organisations and individuals who have embraced the idea that compassion is the key to peace, freedom, justice, health and well-being in a world that often seems to have gone mad. I can’t name them all; I don’t even know them all. Creating a compassionate world begins with believing it’s possible. Step three is to promote creating a more caring world through concrete actions. 

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Source: http://www.because.net/compassionate-living-is-a-relay-race

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Salesforce’s Integrated Philanthropy Model – Forbes 400 Summit | Forbes

Good corporate citizenship is a theme of the Davos celebrations. Admittedly, even fewer, just 5%, named CSR in its own right as the single most important criterion; but one might add to this the additional 24% who said that the reputation and integrity of the brand, to which good corporate citizenship presumably contributes, matter most. From an ethical point of view, the problem with conscientious CSR is obvious: it is philanthropy at other people’s expense. Advocates of CSR typically respond that this misses the point: corporate virtue is good for profits. The trouble is, CSR that pays dividends, so to speak, is unlikely to impress the people whose complaints first put CSR on the board’s agenda. 

Profit-maximising CSR does not silence the critics, which was the initial aim; CSR that is not profit-maximising might silence the critics but is unethical. In a new book, co-written with Karen Southwick, Mr Benioff argues that corporate philanthropy, done right, transforms the culture of the firm concerned*. Unlike some advocates of CSR, Mr Benioff says he opposes government mandates to undertake such activities. In any case, if Mr Benioff is right, and CSR done wisely helps businesses succeed, compulsion should not be needed. Lack of compulsion is exactly what is wrong with current approaches to CSR, say many of the NGOs that first put firms on the spot for their supposedly unethical practices. 

CSR was conjured up in the first place because government action was deemed inadequate: orthodox politics was a sham, so pressure had to be put directly on firms by organised protest. Ten years on, instead of declaring victory, as well they might, disenchanted NGOs like Christian Aid are coming to regard CSR as the greater sham, and are calling on governments to resume their duties. 

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Source: https://www.economist.com/business/2004/01/22/two-faced-capitalism

Some 200 guests were wined, dined and entertained among the Old Masters by the great pianist Alfred Brendel, long a friend of Sir Ronald’s. Sir Ronald is altogether more sophisticated and urbane. On both sides of the Atlantic, private-equity firms manage funds that buy big controlling stakes in firms, sometimes taking public firms private. The old differences between America and Europe have vanished as private-equity firms of every nationality fight for the same deals, and the same capital to invest, everywhere. Private-equity firms have mostly struggled with succession, says Josh Lerner of Harvard Business School. 

Teddy Forstmann’s failure to find a successor means that his firm, Forstmann Little, is unlikely to survive him. In the late 1990s, he and Apax’s other partners started to discuss how the baton could be handed on to the next generation of leaders in a timely, efficient way that let the departing partners take money out without seriously weakening the firm. They adopted a retirement age ranging from 55 to a mandatory ceiling of 60-against which Sir Ronald has now bumped. It remains to be seen if Apax can thrive without Sir Ronald, for all his efforts to leave it in great shape. A new strategy requiring generalists in Apax’s leveraged transactions group to specialise in a particular industry has not been greeted with universal enthusiasm within the firm. 

Sir Ronald is now expected to devote his energy to two causes long close to his heart. Sir Ronald believes that economic growth for the Palestinians is crucial if there is to be lasting peace with Israel. 

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Source: https://www.economist.com/business/2005/08/04/the-compassionate-capitalist

We just set our salaries by… voting?

The employees aren’t on the same team as each other – some got one number, some got another. When the question first came up for me, I didn’t know how to reliably compute that number, and it felt overly complex for that moment in time. On Monday, the salary of every employee at Figure 53 will be set by a popular vote. In other words, I asked our team to set their own salary. First, the salaries of our current team have all settled down to a single number, across the board. 

Everyone knows how much money we’re bringing in each day, and I do periodic status updates of how much we have in the bank, what our expenses are each month, etc. Bigger in talent, bigger in vision, bigger in capacity, bigger in skill, bigger in responsibility. Let’s see what happens if I ask people to choose their own salaries. I ran the numbers, I shared that process with the team, and concluded that, yes, this new number could fit. See, I voted the number I was thinking of choosing, if I had just done it on my own. 

Something between my understanding of the state of the company and their understanding of the state of the company placed their valuation just slightly higher than the number I chose. Not much higher, so if I’d just picked a number on my own and declared it by virtue of authority, I doubt anyone would have complained. 

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Source: https://figure53.com/notes/2013-08-30-we-just-set-our-salaries/

Does capitalism work?

It’s the form of capitalism practiced by every democracy in the world, including China (which is not a democracy. Compassionate Capitalism works under the stricture that those individuals who can prosper under the free-enterprise system can keep the fruits of their labor and amass wealth – up to a point. There has to be something left over for those who cannot be entrepreneurs. Pure Capitalism doesnt leave anything or leaves little for the non-capitalists. The trouble starts when capitalists believe that they do not owe the non-capitalists anything when they have amassed their wealth because of them. 

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Source: https://www.quora.com/Does-capitalism-work

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The World Dialogue: Can Capitalism be Compassionate?

Get social Capitalism has always won its battles against competing economic systems, whether it was feudalism in the 19th century or socialism and communism in the 20th century. Despite its relative success, it continues to battle its critics. Free market economics may have proved to be the efficient way to allocate scarce resources but concerns about rising inequality over the last three decades the world over have raised questions about whether it is the fairest way to allocate resources. The welfare state of the West, which is now bursting at the seams, was an attempt to show that capitalism can be compassionate. India’s obsession with redistributive policies like the MGNREGA shows similar intent. 

Governments are inefficient and often do not deliver the desired results. Both nations know capitalism and compassion intimately. 

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Source: http://conclave.intoday.in/story/…capitalism-be-compassionate/3296/38.html

A compassionate teacher is a

Compassionate silence very well may be the truest form of compassion we can muster. The minute we open our mouths we run the risk of judgment and scorn, if not implicitly so then very possibly run the risk of what we say being inferred as judgment or scorn. Jane Austen, in Pride and Prejudice use the phrase at least twice to describe Darcy’s compassionate silence for Elizabeth and the new age meditations of manifestation it is compassionate silence that is listed as the very first step to manifesting ones dreams. As brutal and uncaring as the universe can seem, indeed its steady march towards total destruction or endless expansion of coldness and darkness would make it seem as a brutal place and yet surely the universe must be compassionate for it is truly silent on our pain and suffering. 

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Choice between communism and capitalism

Corporations can buy their way out of everything and get massive tax breaks while your average salary bloke ends up paying larger than his share…, ALL Taxes are passed along down the line to the individual. Inequality between rich and poor grows. US foreign policy apart from being influenced by lobbyists that represent foreign governments is also heavily influenced by oil&gas companies, financial industry and the weapons industry that need wars so that their weapons get sold. All these elements are able to get politicians to go so far because of unbridled capitalism that values access to capital over people. Politicians will take money and favors from anybody. 

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Source: https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235054028-choice-between…

Hybrid Economics – the balance between capitalism and socialism

If you are an extreme capitalist, you’re probably wrong. If you are an extreme socialist, you’re probably wrong. The right answer lies somewhere in between these two extremes. Consider my widget company:In an extreme capitalism I can hire thieves to take my competitor’s truck fleet at night when he’s sleeping, or maybe just murder him outright to increase my profits. In an extreme socialism the government can tell me that they don’t approve of my widget business, or require me to operate my business according to their instructions. 

The right answer is to be able to pursue my own ideas the way that I want, but within the limits of civility. 

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Source: https://goodflagbetsy.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/hybrid-economics…

Marc Benioff & Karen Southwick

In Compassionate Capitalism, Salesforce.com CEO Mark Benioff and veteran journalist Karen Southwick show companies, large and small, how they can use all of their resources to help their communities and, in doing so, help themselves and their employees as well. By using real-life examples from dozens of corporations and nonprofits, including Hasbro, IBM and Levi Strauss, the authors show corporate leaders how they can dare to be great by integrating community service within their organizations. 

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comparative religion final paper

In capitalism, commodities regulate social relations and religious interactions. Consequences of capitalism in the realm of religion are loss of meaning, loss of morality via. Thus, there is a loss of meaning that capitalism attributes to religion occurs due to the. Apparent effects of capitalism on religion are witnessed. For the observation of religion in the context of capitalism, as America is home to one of the. 

The Bible has already been fetishized in the previous economic model, and thus becomes commoditized in capitalism, losing religious. Adopted religion of a group’s oppressors; the plantation workers more readily rebel against a. religion by appealing to devil-forces when the basis of the religion is inferring their own. The religious appeal to malignant forces that arises in capitalism can also be seen in the. The combination of bureaucraft and capitalism working together to define a society’s. 

The instillation of these economies does not eliminate the issues that capitalism creates: financial inequality and bureaucracy. Benefitted off of capitalism and the compassion economy. Tinge to religion in the capitalist context as to succeed in capitalism it is necessary to be immoral. 

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Animal’s Daily Capitalism 101 News

The growing prevalence of refrigerators is partly due to their declining cost and partly due to people’s growing incomes. In 1919, the Frigidaire was the first self-contained refrigerator. It cost $775. As the average hourly wage in 1919 was just $0.43, it took the average American 1,802 hours of work to afford this luxury appliance. Today, the standard Whirlpool French door refrigerator holds 25 cubic feet’s worth of food and drink. 

According to the latest BLS statistics, it would take the average American just 57.5 hours of work to be able to afford this – now common – appliance. Even as the price of refrigerators decreased, refrigerator quality increased. The modern refrigerators have more settings, are more reliable and more energy-efficient. You can, of course, apply the same historical example to microwave ovens, cellular phones, televisions, and many more consumer items. Here’s the thing about capitalism – real, free market, non-crony capitalism – it works every time it’s tried. 

There is no underlying philosophy other than liberty; there is no dogma, no set of underlying principles other than leaving people the hell alone. Capitalism in the pure form is nothing more than millions of people making up their own minds, free of outside pressure, as to how to manage their own talents, skills and resources and when and with whom to engage in voluntary trade. Capitalism is free people dealing with each other voluntarily in free markets. 

Keywords: [“refrigerator”,”people”,”free”]
Source: http://www.frombearcreek.com/animals-daily-capitalism-101-news

A Terrifying Experiment

In 1974, artist Marina Abramović staged a performance art piece titled Rhythm 0. She stood motionless in an art gallery for exactly 6 hours. To the side stood a table bearing dozens of objects, each selected for their associations with pain or pleasure: a whip, honey, grapes, a feather, knives, lipstick, a camera, a scalpel, a rose, a gun and a single bullet. Audience members were modest and timid at first, repositioning her arms, using the items nervously. One participant put a bullet in the gun and pointed it at her head, and held it there, finger on the trigger, until another audience member eventually pushed the gun away. 

Throughout the performance, Abramović remained passive. At the end of the six hours, the curator announced that the performance was concluded. Abramović stood up, tears in her eyes, blood dripping from her neck, and walked towards the audience. Nobody wanted to confront the active, animated version of the passive figure they had been abusing. Humanity is cruelest when presented with a passive victim, and that’s why would-be oppressors first seek to silence their targets. 

As Abramović’s performance 40 years ago shows, society will always do its worst to a passive victim. When the abusers find that their victim is no longer a passive object, that she’s stepping forward to confront them face to face, their taste for confrontation suddenly vanishes. 

Keywords: [“performance”,”passive”,”Audience”]
Source: https://johndopp.com/reality-0-marina-abramovic

What are the negative effects of capitalism

The negative effects of greenhouse effect is very well known among people as global warming. Global warming is a recent phenomena of the 20th and the 21st century. The adverse effects of global warming start from temperature rise to melting of polar ice caps and submerging of the islands and coastal areas under water. All that water again heats up and produces condensation, floats to other parts of the world in clouds, and drops down like rain. There is a global climate change from that repeated compounding weather pattern. 

On land, if pollution and deforestation is not controlled and the greenhouse effect keeps going we could see temperatures rise by another degree in the next hundred years. Earth will be a giant aquarium with all landmasses under water. Making freshwater from saltwater for supplying our world’s drinking water is helping. Bringing saltwater inland supplies fresh fish, faster than having to pollute our environment by using fishing vessels. Maybe tapping into our own oil reserves, growing our own sustainable environment without electrical, industrial, or chemical factors, or finding other uses for water rather than letting it flood us to extinction, can be researched. 

The continuous technological advancement that the world has today have actually contributed a lot to global warming. Some of these turns into pollution rather than actual environmental help. 

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4 Common Capitalism Myths Debunked

The simple fact is, despite its importance to our daily lives, relatively few people have a strong grasp of what causes economic growth and why markets are so central to continuously rising standards of living. In my teaching, I have encountered several myths or misperceptions about capitalism from students as well as individuals outside the classroom. Similar to language, the market economy was not created by a single individual or group but evolved over a long period based on the interactions of many people. Unlike socialism, which attempts to impose rules and institutions regardless of their conformity to human nature or desires, markets arise out of our human qualities. The rules and institutions that facilitate the ability of markets to perform are discovered as we discover ourselves and in the way we interact with one another. 

The idea that absent market capitalism would create greater shared wealth within society continues to permeate the thinking of a great deal of people. Importantly, the evidence is clear that this decline in poverty has happened as countries have come to embrace market capitalism as the way forward – especially China and India. The term stuck and has led to some confusion about why markets actually work. As Adam Smith recognized, when individuals are permitted to pursue their self-interest through markets, they are amazingly good at finding ways of bettering not only themselves but society as well. The fact is, while the accumulation of capital is a feature of a market economy, it’s certainly not exclusive to it. 

Second, over the long run, society in its entirety benefits as a result of markets. Markets also produce products and services that improve our lives in ways that our ancestors could never have dreamed. 

Keywords: [“market”,”capitalism”,”people”]
Source: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/4-common-capitalism-myths-debunked_052018

Catechism of the Catholic Church

2333 Everyone, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity. II. THE VOCATION TO CHASTITY. 2337 Chastity means the successful integration of sexuality within the person and thus the inner unity of man in his bodily and spiritual being. Sexuality, in which man’s belonging to the bodily and biological world is expressed, becomes personal and truly human when it is integrated into the relationship of one person to another, in the complete and lifelong mutual gift of a man and a woman. The alternative is clear: either man governs his passions and finds peace, or he lets himself be dominated by them and becomes unhappy. 2353 Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. 

III. THE LOVE OF HUSBAND AND WIFE. 2360 Sexuality is ordered to the conjugal love of man and woman. The conjugal love of man and woman thus stands under the twofold obligation of fidelity and fecundity. The Sacrament of Matrimony enables man and woman to enter into Christ’s fidelity for his Church. 2387 The predicament of a man who, desiring to convert to the Gospel, is obliged to repudiate one or more wives with whom he has shared years of conjugal life, is understandable. 2390 In a so-called free union, a man and a woman refuse to give juridical and public form to a liaison involving sexual intimacy. 2393 By creating the human being man and woman, God gives personal dignity equally to the one and the other. Each of them, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity. 

Keywords: [“man”,”marriage”,”person”]
Source: http://www.vatican.va/archive/ccc_css/archive/catechism/p3s2c2a6.htm

Compassion – RJ’s Corner

This is the final post on looking for the U.S. number one export. Maybe I am just an idealistic dreamer but I am hoping that this one is our actual number one export. I don’t know exactly where we stand as far as our supporting emergency relief efforts around the world but I hope we are close to the top. At least by some of us,during others times of emergency is indeed noble. 

Then there is the shipments of grain to starving countries. To watch those massive ships being loaded with thousands of bags of food makes me proud. In 2007 over 26,000, mostly local, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, logistical experts, water and sanitation engineers and administrators provided medical aid in over 60 countries. Private donors provide about 80% of the organization’s funding, while governmental and corporate donations provide the rest, giving MSF an annual budget of approximately US$400 million. Yes, I realize that the above could be accomplished by less than one percent of the country’s population but sometimes just a small percentage can affect how a much larger population is viewed. 

As an example of that just look at how Bin Ladin caused all Muslims to be viewed in a negative light by many. There are those around today who insist that in order to meet our budgets these types of government-funded things must be eliminated, or at least severely curtailed. Here I am the naive person that I am hoping, or maybe just dreaming, that much of the rest of the world view our number one export our compassion for others. 

Keywords: [“export”,”country”,”view”]
Source: https://rjscorner.net/tag/compassion