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Short Story Long #121 – COMPASSIONATE CAPITALISM I David Meltzer

David Meltzer Short Story Long podcast

David Meltzer grew up in Akron, Ohio and promised himself as a child that his dream was to get rich and take away his mother’s financial worries. Thanks to AJ & Johnny for having me on and go check out their podcast below!The …. Paul George, one of the most talented NBA players in the world grew up in Palmdale, CA loving to fish and play basketball. He has an amazing story that shows his ambition & relentlessness to perfect his craft by learning from cobblers and putting his …. Michael Chernow grew up in New York & experienced a lot when he was young. 

The goal of this episode was to dive deep into his story & give a side of Gar …. This week I sat down with Dee Murthy of Menlo House, Chris Ngo of the Leverage & Miki Guerra from Mag Park to discuss the state of apparel and fashion live at Agenda in Long Beach. He’s the head of World Financial Group, which is a multi-million dollar financial organization, host of the Ed Mylett Show podcast & is a peak performance expert who helps people perform at their highest level. Find out how he became so su …. Eddie Huang who you may know from shows like Huang’s World on Viceland, author of Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir & owner of BaoHaus NYC & LA has an incredible story. 

Tamara provides an amazing story as well as actionable advice that eve …. Maurice Clarett grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, an All-American football player, Ohio State’s best talent of all time but unfortunately a string of bad events led him to decisions that cost him his career and ending up in prison. Find out what it took to build, sell and …. Jason Treu is an executive coach, author, public speaker & entrepreneur who specializes to help increase performance in your work space by diving into your life story & finding what may be holding you back. List …. 

Brian Toll, hospitality expert and co-founder of H.Wood Group, shares his story of local LA promoter to creating a $35 million dollar nightclub and restaurant business. He’s an extremely funny/awesome dude who does a great job at telling his story. Pia focused on branding as her husband handled desi …. Courtney and Carter Reum grew up in Chicago with some great childhood stories like sitting courtside watching Michael Jordan and being on OPRAH. After college they both worked at Goldman Sachs eventually leaving to start their spirits company VEEV. 

Currently the founders of M13, Courtney and Carter help entrepreneurs grow their businesses provi …. Wiz Khalifa was born into a military family constantly moving around but eventually settling in Pittsburgh, PA. Wiz always had the dream of becoming a successful artist which he did so by following his vision while bringing a new style and sound to hip-hop. This is a podcast you don’t wan …. A.J. 

Jacobs is an author/journalist who grew up in New York City with an amazing story that carries over to the books he’s written. 

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TBJA 368 Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey To The Soul Of Business, Blaine Bartlett

Business has the power to change reality on this planet. Blaine Bartlett shares how compassionate capitalism is the only way to truly profit in business. Listen to this episode for a journey to the soul of business. Blaine Bartlett is CEO and President of Avatar Resources, a global consulting firm he founded in 1987. He has coached and consulted worldwide with executives, companies, and governments and has personally delivered training programs to more than a quarter of a million individuals and has directly impacted more than one million people. 

Blaine is an Adjunct Professor at Beijing University, the Founder of the Institute for Compassionate Capitalism and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council since 2008. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Unstoppable Foundation and the World Business Academy and is a member of the Advisory Boards of the All Japan Management Coaching Association and the Asia Coaching and Mentoring Association. In 2012, Blaine was formally invested as a Knight of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta, the world’s oldest humanitarian organization. Blaine is the author of the #1 international best-seller Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey to the Soul of Business, co-author of Discover Your Inner Strength written in collaboration with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy, and is the author of Three Dimensional Coaching which was published in 2013 and translated into Chinese and Japanese in 2015. 

You can find more about Blaine at his company website avatar-resources.com, his personal website blainebartlett.com, or by reading his blog at idealsinmotion.com. If the relationships are working well the business is going to be successful. Blaine was helping a Japanese client’s client to do a workshop in Japan. 

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A Journey to The Soul of Business: Compassionate Capitalism Friday, December 2, 2016

Blaine Bartlett says this has wrung the soul out of business and enterprise, and the people involved. The world is waking up to the role of business as the most dominant and pervasive agent of change today. Join Cheryl Esposito & Blaine Bartlett on the journey to the soul of business: Compassionate Capitalism. 

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