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Can capitalism be compassionate?

For an individual a concept like Kurtosis would have no meaning. Private ownership allows for exchange between individuals. An objection may be that we are dealing only with numbers, but if those numbers were actually pointing to individuals, and referred to each individuals’ height, then the Quicksort process could still not be compassionate, kind, or just. If I, as an individual, were to choose my own method to sort those individuals’ heights, then I could choose a method that is compassionate or that is not. There is no method, or rules of conduct, that the sickly individual could observe which would at the same time allow him or her to secure food without making it more scarce for others. 

We can consider how individuals seek other individuals to partner with and marry. Most would not object to allowing individuals to choose their own partner, but we would be likely to object if one partner forced another partner to be with them. They were simply pursuing their own individual interests. Many thousands of years ago, the individuals of the human species in their technological infancy could only look at those outside of their immediate family, or perhaps tribe, as competitors for the scarce resources nature chanced to provide. It is only when one human conceives that he or she, or his or her immediate family or tribe, could be better off by exchanging with another individual from an altogether different family or tribe, that compassion can begin to develop between humans outside of immediate families or tribes, because they no longer need to view each other as competitors for scare resources, they’ve developed a new abstract relationship- a relationship of exchange for mutual benefit. 

Individuals who engage in a great deal of trade with one another tend to have strong relationships, and to share similar interests. Those individuals who do not engage in trade with one another have no such mutual interests. 

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Love And Compassion Will Save Us When AI Takes Our Jobs

As artificial intelligence swiftly creeps into the mainstream, it will take over jobs. The first to go will be things like data analysis and retail operations, followed by more complex endeavors like driving. The advent of AI is often discussed as something of a selective guillotine falling on our employment ecosystem: Either your job is knocked out, or its spared. A former Google, Apple, and Microsoft employee turned venture capitalist with a speciality in artificial intelligence, sees a more humanistic way to integrate AI into our economies. Lee, during the height of his career, put work above all else, he tells the audience at TED 2018 in Vancouver. 

As he worked on artificial intelligence systems, he thought of them as ways to streamline routine work to create more room for innovation, and his job, as one of the early developers of these technologies, was to innovate faster and better to support this future. That changed when Lee was diagnosed with stage-four lymphoma several years ago. He was given just several months to live, and as he underwent chemotherapy, he read books on how people approached the end of life. He’s now in remission, but his experience with life-threatening illness caused him to think about work in new ways. It’s a nice idea, and certainly true-we’re facing a shortage of teachers, whose jobs will be crucial in bolstering young peoples’ abilities to participate in modern economies, and caretakers for the elderly will become ever more important as lifespans extend. 

The jobs that Lee cited during his talk as replacements for those made redundant by AI are notoriously underpaid, and often lack critical benefits like health care. If we’re going to follow Lee’s recommendation, we should be sure to do so alongside implementing stronger financial securities for people working these jobs-ideally, in the form of a universal basic income and universal benefits. 

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Exclusive: Illinois Khilafah Conference “Capitalism is to Blame”

The 2012 Khilafah Islamic Conference got off to a rocky start. The conference was originally scheduled to be held at The Meadows Club in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, however after the Chicago Daily Herald reported the agenda and location of the event, all hell broke loose with the owner of the Meadows Club, who was inundated with countless calls and emails from the public opposed to this conference. Angry residents warned that there would be large protests if he allowed the conference to be held at that location. The owner conceded and cancelled the event, which then moved to a new location, The Lexington House, Hickory Hills, IL. According to the American Muslim Forum for Democracy, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, the group that hosts the meeting, is a radical origination that promotes world-wide jihad, and targets young children to join their movement. 

The following excerpt comes from AMFD’s 2009 call for Muslim organizations to denounce and condemn the Hizb-ut-Tahrir. American Capitalism has caused all that is wrong with the Muslim world today. The Capitalist System was created to restrict Muslims. Jews and Christians will not be happy with Muslims until they adopt their way of life. Obama failed on two issues, Palestine and dealing with the entire Muslim world. 

That they are a peaceful non-violent movement while viewing the diagram on the overhead projector showing the structure of the Sharia governing cabinet, it listed a private secretary in charge of Jihad. To my surprise, I found myself being the only American reporter at the conference along with two other foreign reporters. We were not allowed to use any video or audio equipment while the conference was being held. Afterwards Dr. Mohammed Malkawi aka Abu Talha took questions from us and consented to audio recording of the interview. 

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