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Lyrics containing the term: Capitalism

He was against capitalism and had lost faith in the Tolstoyan idea of moral self-development. Don’t come back no more Distasteful ugly and cheap This is how you make me feel Capitalism stole my virginity Robbed of our bleeding hearts Smashed tra-la-la-la, tra-la-la-la We’re making the world safe for capitalism Here we come with our candy and our guns And our corporate muscle marches in behind us Capitalism’s, invisible, army And it’s fortress of deceit These men will burn alive But no-one will weep And the day that we bomb langley, how much fucking longer can this go on How many more lives ruined and completely fucking wasted To ensure there is no fate to capitalism or those Capitalism, racism, sexism The foundations of cock-rocking idealism Exploiting, sucking, manipulating The wisdom of a starry-eyed nation have been multiplying faster then anticipated. World domnination is a true reality we must face, it is…upon us. Capitalism, Materialism, on self-fulfilled circles Personality hanged on a rope called capitalism Organism breathing a life of false ecstasy You shall die so many times before you perish of capitalism and fears of environmental degeneration. A farce concocted by geniuses to cover up the tracks of wheels long set in s dear Like capitalism Like communism Like lots of things You’ve heard about And redneckers They get us pissed And stupid stuff It makes us It’s capitalism at its best People living neck to neck Their glass buildings won’t fall on their own So we should be throwing stones! 

In the city while 3/4 of the human race are living in extreme poverty while 3/4 of the human race are dying in extreme poverty in the strangehold of capitalism some the added illusion of audience participation. Our act tonight, on the left, capitalism that’s right, on the right, capitalism is it, in the middle, probably There is a spectre haunting capitalism In its last and dying phase It’s a nightmare on wall st. We’re happy little proles And we’re on our way to work. 

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Compassionate Release for Peter Collins, Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer

Peter Collins is a long-time prisoner-activist, incarcerated for the 1983 murder of a police officer in a failed robbery. Last year, Peter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer. In January of this year, Peter learned that the cancer had spread throughout his body, and that he probably does not have much time left to live. Peter is not contesting his deportation to the UK. He has a strong circle of support in the UK, family members who can provide him with a home, and has been in contact with UK police officials who have conducted community assessments at his family home and do not oppose his return to the UK. 

There have been two Public Protection officers assigned to Peter’s case, and who are ready for his return. As the prison bureaucrats have Peter’s life in their hands, it is best to be polite and not provocative, as it is Peter who will pay the price if they react badly. Peter has demonstrated his ability to function outside of prison during multiple medical and compassionate escorted temporary absences. Peter has been in prison for over 32 years, and has remained conviction free for the past 18 years. I am writing regarding compassionate release for Peter Collins. 

One of the reasons provided in the past for denying Peter’s parole has been that the only form of release deemed appropriate to him is a very gradual and structured release, and yet because of his deportable status any steps that might be considered consistent with a gradual and structured release have been rejected as being of no benefit. Last summer Peter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer and began to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment. On January 12th of this year, Peter was informed by his doctor that the cancer had spread to his stomach walls, lungs, and now his bones, and that any treatment moving forward will be palliative. I am asking that you support Peter’s request for compassionate release. 

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The End of Privacy and Capitalism

Those on the right will scream that capitalism is the best thing that ever happened to us, while agreeing that cops should perhaps bust down more doors and invade our privacy to keep us safe. Those on the left will shout that our privacy is a sacred right, but they will perhaps agree that capitalism causes harm that could be mitigated by a more centrally planned economy. I’m going to argue that privacy and capitalism have both arisen through the increased size and complexity of our tribes, and that while capitalism served a purpose, and privacy can be appealing, both are going to come to a much-needed end. If you think privacy should be allowed, period, you might want to look at the bans on burqas spreading to more and more countries. We may be fifty or a hundred years away, but we will eventually arrive at a place where a network of computers can run our economy more efficiently than the bumbling of billions of people. 

A neural network will be able to set prices, plan production, allocate resources, effect transportation, and so much more. Retailers like Amazon are relying more and more on algorithms to make major business decisions. The more we put Big Data in charge, and remove the emotion of human agents, the more efficiently our businesses and economies run. The capitalist approach is to let the owners of the French restaurants to go out of business, as failure leads to more efficient markets. An enterprising individual eventually sees the demand on the street for more Italian food, and eventually, slowly, finally, the people get what they want. 

The owners of the French restaurants might be notified of the demand for more Italian food. Which ignores the tribal societies we came from, where families slept in the same rooms, walls had rips, tears, and cracks, and common spaces were much more common. 

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