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Capitalism and Free Markets are One Gigantic Lie

Distributive Justice Principles

For Other Distributive Justice Approaches Altruism is being unselfishly devoted to the welfare of others. Communist distributive justice is when each person contributes according to ability and each person receives according to need. Democratic socialist, also known as welfare democracy, distributive justice has a system of social insurance to help people who are disadvantaged. It incorporates free-market principles in producing goods and services with general principles about compassion and concern for others. Egalitarian pluralism distributive justice is when everyone has a say in decisions and no person feels they will be injured by choices made by the group. 

The writings of John Rawls, A Theory of Justice discusses this approach to distributive justice. Laissez-faire capitalist distributive justice is when people, businesses, and corporations act based on their individual self-interest for their own benefit. Libertarian distributive justice is where each person is responsible for their own future no matter what happens. State or national capitalist distributive justice is when government operates the nation’s industries to maximize profits. State socialist distributive justice is a system where the government or a central authority controls the production of goods and services. 

Examples: The corporate buyouts of the 1990s in the United States. Utopian socialist distributive justice is when members of a community put the means of production in collective decision making structure. 

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Eugene Victor Debs is one of the most famous(perhaps even the most) Socialist in America. He was a union leader and a founding member of both the International Labor Union and the Industrial Workers of the World. He helped to found the American Railway Union, the largest union of it’s time. His beliefs turned to Socialism after he read the work’s of Karl Marx. Victor Berger was the man who gave him a copy of Marx’s works. 

He influenced the American Socialist Party greatly and won the nomination of it five times. This lead him to protest against the American involvement in WW1. Eugene Debs was born on November 5, 1855, in Terre Haute, Indiana to parents Jean Daniel and Marguerite Marie Bettrich Debs, who both immigrated to the United States from Colmar, Alsace, France. He dropped out of High School at the age of 14 to work as a painter. Debs became involved in the Pullman Strike in 1894, which grew out of a compensation dispute by the workers who constructed the train cars made by the Pullman Palace Car Company. 

The workers, many of whom were already members of the American Railway Union, appealed to the Union at its convention in Chicago, Illinois for support. Not many of those schooled in old-party politics have any adequate conception of the true import of the labor movement. They utterly fail or refuse to see the connection between labor and politics, and are woefully ignorant of the political significance of the labor movement of the present day. 

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Source: http://socialism.wikia.com/wiki/Eugene_V_Debs

Management advice from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner

Justin Sullivan/Getty Mike Gamson is one of LinkedIn’s top executives. As the SVP of Global Solutions, Gamson is in charge of the global talent, marketing, sales, and learning teams, making him responsible for about half of LinkedIn’s roughly 10,000 employees. It was the end of 2008, and LinkedIn founder and chairman Reid Hoffman had replaced his chief executive Dan Nye with Weiner, who had been an EVP at Yahoo. Nye was a close friend, mentor, and former boss to Gamson, and had recruited him to the professional social network company a year earlier. On top of that, Gamson was dealing with the stress of a new baby at home coupled with constant cross-country travel. 

After a warm greeting, Weiner asked him what type of leader he aspired to be. That’s when Weiner told a parable told by the Dalai Lama. While that may sound like a stereotypical Silicon Valley CEO move, the ensuing two-hour conversation fundamentally changed the way Gamson would go on to manage. This isn’t all about feelings, Gamson explained – it’s also just good business. The two executives met to discuss how they should negotiate the deal, and Gamson asked how they could get the most out of it. 

Gamson would not reveal the client’s name but noted the relationship is healthy and still exists. That day he met Weiner – the day he initially approached uneasily – changed Gamson’s career. 

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A physician suicide: covered up with a tarp and silence

Another young doctor recently jumped to her death in New York City. Hello Pamela, I am not a doctor, but a mother of 3 and a wife of a resident physician. Two doctors died from jumping off our 33-story building in 2 years, and no one seems to care. Since I’m not a doctor, there’s only so much I can understand about what my husband is going through. This is what I saw when I came home tonight – a dead doctor lying under that tarp – lifeless in the freezing cold. 

Another doctor dead from Mt. Sinai in NY. I think NY is a horrible place to work. Conditions are deplorable for doctors, and you should investigate. Don’t let another doctor’s life go unspoken for. 

A few hours before this flurry of emails, I was on the phone with a doctor who reported that her own family physician shot herself in her clinic. Now to answer the questions posed to me by the doctor’s wife, the physician, and the hospital executive. More than one million Americans lose their doctors to suicide each year. Now is the time for fearless leadership, for the heroes among us to reveal themselves and take a stand for our doctors – for the men and women who walk into our hospitals everyday to so selflessly serve others. 

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Source: https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2018/01/physician-suicide-covered…

Vulture Capitalism, by John Stossel

Shifting resources does mean some people lose their jobs. Intuition tells us that it would be better if no one ever lost a job and that capitalists who close businesses are evil. America is richer today because those workers lost their jobs, because money once paid them is put to better use. Most of those workers found new jobs where their skills better served consumers. We take pictures as they leave their jobs on that last day when the factory closes. 

We don’t see the better things that are done with capital that once went into the factory. We had no clue that those companies were about to produce cool new things, thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in value. If government does not bestow privileges, those that don’t create wealth go out of business, and those that fund good ideas grow. Handouts to Solyndra and special deals for Goldman Sachs and GM are not capitalism. Many people hate banks, private-equity firms and mortgage brokers. 

The real evil bankers are the government cronies, like those at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In a real free market – no government privileges or barriers to competition – capitalism is great. 

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Source: https://www.creators.com/read/john-stossel/03/12/vulture-capitalism

RevThinking with Joel Pilger and Tim Thompson

Episode Info: This podcast is part one of a conversation with David Meltzer, Co-Founder and CEO at Sports1Marketing. David is an executive, author, and humanitarian best known for his work in the field of sports marketing. He is a featured speaker at conferences, corporate meetings, seminars, and other events along with being featured in The New York Times, Sporting News, Fox Business, and Bloomberg. At Terranea Resort in Los Angeles, RevThink’s Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger lead a Creative Entrepreneurs conference on BULLETPROOFING PROFITS. Knowing that being our topic, we recognized our audience might show up thinking we were going to talk only about money. 

Much to everyone’s surprise, we revealed that profits in a creative firm are not about money, but rather about CHOICES and maintaining CONTROL of your business. In David’s talk, he provided us with break from all the talk of numbers plus a terrific dose of inspiration. David’s podcast can be found here: https://itunes. 

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Photon by HTML5 UP

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LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner on management

Justin Sullivan/Getty Since becoming CEO in 2009, Jeff Weiner has led LinkedIn to become a network of 364 million registered users with offices in 30 countries and a market cap of $26 billion. Weiner’s leadership style has earned him the trust of founder and chairman Reid Hoffman, his team, and LinkedIn investors. He used the example of a manager sitting down with an employee who’s frazzled. Before getting to this point, Weiner said, it’s necessary to take a moment to try to understand where the employee is coming from. It could be driven by something happening in their personal life or a misunderstanding of what’s required of them. 

That’s why it’s important to provide room for external factors that may be influencing them, and then have a discussion about the root of the problem. 

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Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/linkedin-ceo-jeff-weiner-on-management-2015-7